Mayonaize Shrimp Moves Here

Reposted from: I am here to announce that while I will still post at, I am moving Isekai GM and No Fatigue to Ebisu Translations. Please note that I’m not abandoning! I’m planning to translate a mini-series there! There are several reasons why, […]

Ebisu Translations Welcomes Hibari

He will be translating Cheat Magician Life That Started From Being Judged Useless! You can find his other translated works at Welcome to Ebisu Translations!  

Ebisu Translations Welcomes Kongolsamu and What is Clicking!

As mentioned in the previous announcement, we have two new Chinese translators, and as they both posted their first chapters on the same day, I’ll welcome them together! Kongolsamu has actually been with us for a couple weeks and took much of that time choosing/translating […]

Seijo 61

If there’s a link somewhere on the page, assume it’s the chapter link, unless it says otherwise. Links are in blue. If it isn’t in blue, it most definitely isn’t a link. Remember, blue = link. The exact blue is #57c2cd. I think it’s a […]

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HEYYYYY~ Here’s chapter 11!!! Chapter 12 will be up in 3-4 hours because I need to entertain my relatives for CNY visiting. Be right back! CLICK HERE FOR CHP 11!

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WSK 163

Hey, the chapter is finished and edited. Also, would you guys prefer Long ge, Brother Long or Brother Dragon? I would prefer Long ge since it makes the most sense to me. Just tell me what you guys want 🙂 Sable and Jackal are Hei […]

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WYCRAE Chapter 6 Part 2

Argh, the footnotes are killing me. Well according to the great Ebisu-sama LysUltima from now on I have to update chapters this way, i.e. making a page and a blog post (for RSS feed) for each chapter, so I took the opportunity to edit Fallen’s […]

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WSK 162

Hey, another chapter is done! Hopefully, this one came sooner than you guys expected 🙂 I’m almost done with 163 and hopefully, it’ll be out soon. Thanks for a_b for editing this chapter as always. WSK Chapter 162

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