Skyroad is out!

A new novel – Skyroad – has been released on this site. You can find it here, because it isn’t on the list of ongoing novels yet. Give it a shot ^^ and remember to rate it on NU if you enjoyed it

New Theme!

Due to the increasing complaints about the old theme not working as it should, namely the mobile menu being a mere decoration, I decided to develop a new theme from scratch, and here it is! We have the same features as before—automated chapter links, an automated table of contents, (always check the table of contents […]

New Novel – Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter! Time to Become the Hero Once More!

Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter! Time to Become the Hero Once More! By: Kaburagi Haruka 鏑木ハルカ Illst: Akita Hika 晃田ヒカ One of the six people called heroes, Raid, fought alone against the Devil, and ended up dead. After meeting with a suspicious god, he woke up again and found out he has born again as a baby. […]

Chapter 19

Sorry for the late chapter, I was busy with exams. Anyway, chapter 19 is here, with a new translator!! Kira!! Discord <-Chat with us! THE REAL CHAPTER IS HERE RIGHT HERE PLEASE SEE THIS AND CLICK OR TAP ON THIS LINK BECAUSE THIS IS THE REAL CHAPTER SO YOU CAN READ ACTUAL ENGLISH AND NOT THE […]

WYCRAE Chapter 12

Sorry I didn’t update this last week, I was busy moving my place. After that I was spending time procrastinating watching anime and doing my project. Hopefully I don’t procrastinate when the term starts. Sigh Signing off, June Chapter published here

ISOL Chapter 18

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Seijo 73

TL: Lys Editor: Lys Special thanks to Doomr, who provided the knowledge of classical Japanese necessary for a certain phrase. This is the teaser for chapter 74.   Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!

Seijo 72

TL: Lys Sorry for the long delay, there was finals coming up and I had to study and get good grades else my Asian parents would chew me out. And, right after I got out of school, I went to visit my grandparents in China and go sightseeing. Anyways, the translator for Reborn as the […]

WYCRAE Chapter 11

Just left my job this week, so I might be doing some side projects (instead of concentrating on this one hehe), will also start stockpiling so you can have regular updates when I am busy with school. Anyways I always look forward for your comments as they give me the drive to translate, even though […]


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ISOL Chapter 17

I am on time with the release!! Hope I can do this for the next chapter as well… Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!

WYCRAE Chapter 10

Surprised with the number of footnotes, maybe the writing of the author is getting easier to understand? Anyway here’s your chapter, gambateh for the coming week! \(≧▽≦)/ Signing off, June Chapter published here

Isekai GM 34. Unusual Event in the Empire pt 2

RAW: TL: MayonaizeShrimp ED: Karuma This is my favorite chapter so far… Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!