Chapter 6 Part 2 of TTKWQ is out!

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It seems that NU (finally) automated my releases, and it mistook the teaser for part 2 as an actual release…
Well, I finally finished translating part 2, so you guys can go ahead and read it!

Also, here’s the teaser for chapter 7.

“…That, my name?”

“Yes, did you remember?”


“You’re my father.”

“I’m your father…? I don’t remember having such a big daughter.”

“Aha, I come from the future, papa wouldn’t understand.”

“Time travel, huh… This world line has ended, hasn’t it.”

“Therefore, I want you to send a D-mail to stop the experiment.”

“……And then, will you disappear?”

“Yes… That’s the reason that I came from the future, to save mama.”


“Even if I disappear, your memories remain. Since you’re papa, you can remember the other world line, can’t you?”


“So, don’t forget me… I had fun in this one week, I love you, papa.”
Minna-san, oyasuminasai.
Boku ga ashita ni toransureeto suru.