Ebisu Translations Welcomes Fallen Translations

So, after lengthy discussion, us two small-time translators have decided to cooperate…….

Enough with the BS. I was procrastinating (with a good reason, IMO) on a certain website and I bribed, with virtual currency from that certain site, a fellow translator to switch sites…

So, some novels are going to move over.

Well, the new novels are Chinese which totally goes against my naming of this website…

Here’s my reasoning: Despite Ebisu being the only one of the Shinto Seven Gods of Fortune to be completely Japanese, his fellow Kami in the Seven Gods of Fortune are not! One of them is actually from China! Totally legit reasoning done.

New Novels:

I Heard You Like Me Too

Being An Author Is A High Risk Occupation (BL)

Wife, You Can’t Run After Eating