̶H̶e̶l̶l̶o̶ Ebisu Translations Welcomes ScipioM!

So, I was procrastinating yet again! If you guys are worrying about the next chapter of TTKWQ, I’ll translate it!
…later. (Okay, part one will come out today)

Anyways, here’s another translator! He has a better track record on translating than Fallen (but she has exams, hopefully she gets back to translating soon!), so more translations for all!

Actually, he was going to say “hello” himself, but his brain exploded afterwards………..

Therefore, I’ll write it for him!

Hello, I am ScipioM!

I’ll try to translate once a week for you guys, but, if school becomes a problem, I’ll try to update every two weeks.

I’m translating Hey, Don’t Be Unruly now, I hope you enjoy it!


He’s probably one of the only translators with no patrons…

Even I, who makes a total of $0, pities him…

HDAU will be edited before he puts them on this site!

Well anyways, hooray for ScipioM!