TTKWQ has been dropped.

I’m sure you guys are wondering why I suddenly dropped this novel.

I’m not a great writer, so I won’t give a 3-page essay on why I’m dropping this, but here’s the list of reasons:

  1. The quality of the chapters are dropping
  2. Nothing happens
  3. No romance
  4. All the comedy from now on is either a form of “riajuu explode” or Kazu-kun wanting to marry various people
  5. The filming scenes are drastically shortened (according to the author), so it basically will leave only “females jealous of Hiroto at school,” idol lesson scenes, or more flashbacks for probably until the series ends

From now on, I’ll be finishing up GOTR and looking around syosetu and other places for novels.

If anyone wants to pick this novel up, feel free to do so, though I doubt anyone will……