Now translating I Bought A Girl

I am picking up this novel because it is so fing cute and the other translator hasn’t released anything for it in over three months.

It is absolutely adorable.


An ordinary man who had won the lottery wanted to have a cute housemaid.

Then, he discovered the hidden slave market in his country.


Taking the advice of his grandfather, he decided to use the money for others rather than himself.

Buying a 9 years old girl, he took her home.

And thus unfolds the story of their daily lives.

Note: This is a wholesome and heart warming novel not r-18.

It is so god damn cute meaning you have to read it.

It has so much fluffiness that I can’t even contain myself.

These novels are what I live for.

Probs gonna be 1-2 chapters a week depending on how busy(Lazy) I am. Same with my other novel but I will be releasing multiple chapters of the other novel at a time as to make it easier to read and keep track of things.