IBAG Chapter 30: Problem Child

For my new release schedule I will be releasing 3 Support, 1 IGAB and maybe 2 other novels as well so, 2 chapters of one and 1 chapter of another. It may be a week or two before I start releasing chapters for them though but they are similar to IGAB so more sugar for you. Also I will be releasing them every friday my time so either late Thursday or early Friday NY time.

Also If anyone wants to translate Support you are welcome to take it off my hands. As  there are other novels that I would much rather be translating, but I will not just drop the novel without lining up another translator for this novel so rest assured that it will not be dropped, but I won’t translate as much of it.

For Patreon you will either get chapters a day early or get chapters as I translate them.

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Chapter 30