Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

Another holiday and another novel…yeah I know…I’m stupid.

I hope everybody in the U.S. is having or is going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And I hope that everybody is going to enjoy the two chapters of HDAU, the two chapters of HIIMFTILLAG, and the two chapters of my new series TSOUG. Yeah I know that there’s already two chapters of TSOUG but I wanted to retranslate it so I have a good idea of what I’m doing for that novel.

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I’m Lys, and I’m stealing this space!

First of all, happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be giving you guys 1 chapter of My Pet Is a Holy Maiden plus however many chapters of SMAP I’ll be able to do from here (2 AM) to when I sleep….

I don’t have a donate page, but please buy the book if you enjoy the series! You can find the LNs on amazon, plus you get the pictures! Also, please turn off adblock unless you find the ads annoying, then please turn it on~

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One other thing.

With this special, we’ve finally reached 100 releases! Kanpai!

So Fallen here and it seems like it’s my turn to steal this space.

Well to begin with, I guess I’ll wish everyone reading the post a Happy Thanksgiving! So like what the others have said, I’ll be giving one chapter of IHYLMT. I’ll try and get one chapter of WYCRAE/BAHRO up, but it won’t be at this time with this mass of releases by everyone…

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Well it seems like you’ll be getting one chapter of WYCRAE, courtesy of June who was helping me out when I went overseas.

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On another note, I’ll be going on holiday with my family for approximately the next 2 weeks, so there’ll be little to no chapters though I’ll try and translate on my phone instead… Not to mention, I just got back from overseas school trip… :/

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Can’t get a chapter of BAHR

Hi and I am Hentai Hakase and finally it is my turn to steal the spot light

Well I am going to release a IBAG(Slave loli) chapter and half of a chapter of TTKWQ(Actress loli). I hope you are able to crack a cold one with the boys.


This is my reply to those that think I am a lolicon.


I hope you can enjoy all of your fetishes on this great day like the following.


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Well I guess it is time for the next person to hijack this post.

Hentai… I think you’re the last? Even though I don’t think you’ll be seeing this… – Fallen

But we have more translators there is still Serah and June (I doubt Paradox will comment) It can’t end like this. – Hentai

Well… I technically added June in mine? Not sure bout Sera tho… Well we’ll see when this post finally goes up lol-Fallen

Sera has my back, hopefully. I am sure he will save the day and make this post more interesting in some way, probs by adding yuri. – Hentai5373864i.jpg

I don’t have yuri but I do have lolis. – Hentai

Yuri? I feel tempted to add the very opposite… Well I have gifs, many gifs of many things-Fallen

Found more yuri.






and some Yaoi for fallen.


Hahahahaha. I was going to put a Yuri on Ice one too!

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Here it is anyway -Fallen

What happened to this post when I was asleep? -Lys

Eh, more loli can’t hurt -Lys


Still one of my favorite pic = Hentai

June here and final one to steal space

Hi everyone, I am June and I figured I have to leave some mark on this day, so here I am! Do check out the updated WYCRAE! Hugs! DM me on Discord or Twitter if you want a chat!