New Theme, New Features!

Greetings, Fellow Daoists

Greetings, Minna-san

Greetings, Everyone!

We now have a new theme (and mobile theme) and new features! Though, in order to get all this stuff, we had to reset the follower count, so make sure to go to the sidebar (or tap on the three lines at the top of each page if on mobile) and enter your email!

Anyways, let’s get to the new features.

One. A dark/light theme switching button. Kinda self-explanatory? You click, and the background goes black while the text goes gray. Should be nice for those reading in the dark.

Two. Font size changer. Aren’t most of these self-explanatory? Click on the “Smaller Text,” and the text will get smaller. This is the same with the bigger text thing too.

Three. Disqus commenting system. We switched from the default one to disqus! …And now I have to manually approve all guest comments. *Sigh*

Four. Automatic Chapter Navigation Links. Nice, isn’t it?

Five. Automatic Table of Contents. Ever frustrated that the Table of Contents wasn’t updated? Well, you can stop worrying (at least on our site), for it’s all automatic!


Now, for your burning question.

When is the next release?

Many things should be updated on New Years, Jan. 1 00:16 UTC, to be exact.