Mayonaize Shrimp Moves Here

Reposted from: here.

I am here to announce that while I will still post at, I am moving Isekai GM and No Fatigue to Ebisu Translations.

Please note that I’m not abandoning!
I’m planning to translate a mini-series there!

There are several reasons why, but to not make it sound like I am desperate for fame or money, it’s regarding why I’m translating in the first place.

My main goals are:

  • Practice for that damn TOEIC exam which I can’t even take to this day
  • Seeing the continuation of the novel I “enjoy” reading
  • Gathering reader base for my original works


As I have hinted in the past, I am planning to write something and translate it into English, and the best way to gather reader is by translating other series and shamelessly advertise my translated original work in this site. But by moving here, I don’t have to desperately gain readerbase alone. Putting my original works there along with other JP and CN novel will give me the needed exposure.

Please note that I’m still the sole translator and Karuma is still the sole editor. I’m not dropping anything, I’m just moving. I will still be posting every chapter update there and redirect you to here. (Making NU still recognizing me as the translator)

And here I will invite you to join MayonaizeShrimp discord. It’s still an ideal (and arguably better) place to discuss Isekai GM and No Fatigue. We are still making the PDF version of each series, divided by arc, and you can download it in our discord.


This is MayonaizeShrimp,
And this is NOT the last of me.

PS: If you’re interested in the original work I’m talking about, you can ask me for it in the discord. Of course, assuming you can read Bahasa Indonesia.