WYCRAE Chapter 6 Part 2

Argh, the footnotes are killing me.

Well according to the great Ebisu-sama LysUltima from now on I have to update chapters this way, i.e. making a page and a blog post (for RSS feed) for each chapter, so I took the opportunity to edit Fallen’s work to suit mine and renumber the chapters, as Chapter 1 was supposed to be the prologue.

Anyway with Fallen entering a hiatus until around December as she has ‘O’ levels this year, I will be taking over I Heard You Like Me Too and Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation. This means I will have less time for this novel so I have to change the schedule yet again to once a month.

On a lighter note, Lunar New Year is coming, so excited for the holidays! Woohoo!

Chapter published here

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