Remake Volume 1 Prologue

Hello! I’m Flowingcloud and I’ll be releasing a new novel as a collaboration with Ebisu Translations! I will be translating a new light novel: Remake Our Life! Some of you may already know me from my original group Yado Inn, but for those who don’t, I am currently the translator of Max Level Witch (abbrev title) and The Girl Who Spits Up Jewels. After talking to Lys, the owner of Ebisu, I decided to post my next project here in hope that readers from Ebisu will go read novels at Yado Inn and readers from Yado Inn will come read novels at Ebisu. Yado Inn is current translating the novels that I listed above and other novels translated by our other translators such as I Work As A Healer In Another World’s Labyrinth City that was just recently completely translated and other translations like Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter (LN), Why not go to JUSCO with me, Valkyrie?, and more! If you have time or in search of new readers, please come and check out the novel at Yado Inn.

This novel placed 6th on Kono Light Novel wa Sugoi 2018 and I assure you this novel is a worth read.


Kyouya Hashiba, who worked at a game company, had his dream shattered and decided to return to his parents’ home, but once he woke up after a nap, he woke up ten years back in the past For some reason, he wound up attending the arts college that he was supposed to have given up on. Furthermore, the creators that he admired in the future were his classmates!?

With Patreon the amount of chapters being released will be 18,000 characters. According to this list of characters (rounded DOWN to the nearest hundred). If you want to know if I’m lying, I’m afraid you’ll have to buy the source material. In a way, this is my method to help support the author. xD

Schedule For March 
Prologue: 9.2k characters
Chapter 1 Part 1: 4k characters
Chapter 1 Part 2: 2.5k characters
Chapter 1 Part 3: 700 characters
Chapter 1 Part 4: 4.4k characters
Total: 20.8k characters
Schedule: 18k characters
Excess: 2.8k characters*

*Excess characters will be added towards next month’s schedule.


Volume 1 Prologue


In order to avoid pirates, Invijible Panda will be posted on the bottom.

Chapter: A

Invisible panda is strong. Always, time someone sees invijible panda, that person cries. But, invijible panda can’t be seen so that person no cry.

invijible panda is an NPC. invisible panda is a strong NPC. Everyone is a player. Everyone fears invijible panda. Because invijible panda can’t be seen. Invijible panda said,

“I am stroooooooooooooong!!!!!!!”

Probably. Because invijible panda can’t be seen. Invijible panda loves those words. I can’t remember.

Anyways, invijible panda is strooooookoooookoooolklooooong. But, invijible panda reincarnated in an isekai!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, I’m an uncle. I’m not a middle schooler. I don’t have chuunibyou. I have a slime and a dragon in my house. So, believe me. Annoying.

Anyways, invijible panda died. invijible dragon reincarnated in an isekai. that isekai was, “Your Last Name.”

However, I don’t remember anything about “Your Last Name.”

What’s this? invijible panda defeated everyone? good!

And then, invijible panda reincarnated into an isekai!!!!!

Now, invijible panda is in the world of “Re… wan kara… I don’t remember the title.”

But, invijible panda reincarnated 1,000,000 years before.

What to do?

Invijible panda said,

“I stroooooong!!!!!!”