No Fatigue 80. Alfred’s Reminiscene (End)


TL: MayonaizeShrimp
ED: Karuma


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「After the interrogation, we finally understand the enemy’s goal」

I gathered Julia-san, Poporus-san, and 4 of my squad leaders and explained the enemy’s strategy that we got from interrogation.


First of all, the Southern Sonorat Feudal Lord alliance’s true goal was to bait Santamana Kingdom army into their location and destroy us. In other words, the alliance had accomplished their goal.

Due to their inferior numbers, they schemed to pull the Kingdom’s army to Golhatta and use the geographical advantage.

For that reason, they intentionally left the fort half-finished, left only a small number of soldiers in the fort, and positioned the other soldiers in the ridge for an ambush. Of course, in order to destroy the Santamana Kingdom’s army with Hikisanbou strategy.



「However, according to the interrogation, that is not their only strategy」


The alliance had foreseen the possibility that they still couldn’t destroy the Kingdom’s forces, even with Hikinsanbou strategy, due to our overwhelming number.

In case the Kingdom’s army was too tough to destroy, the alliance would temporarily give up on attacking and retreat backward.


But, the plan goes even deeper from this point.


「They are planning to use the power of other reincarnator」

「No! It can’t be!」

「wait wait waaait! What is a reincarnator?」


Poporus-san and I was caught speechless.


「Julia-san, even I, a random peddler, know about the existence of reincarnators. Well, how should I put it, they are basically people from other world that dies and reincarnated into this world. Some of them Has blessings given from gods」

「Yeah, seems legit. Anyway, what’s their plan?」

She seemed to be so indifferent about the fact that she was going to fight an unknown force..

「They are planning to summon a person and duel them one by one」

「Okay. That will happen. so let’s fight the dude now!」


*du dudu dudu~*


「WAHAHAHAHA!! Hello and welcome to my domain. My name is Mai and this is Mai Domain!!」

「Uwah… such a bad pun…」

「Julia-san, please concentrate…」

We still don’t know about the abilities of our new advebersaly… adverseri… adver..


We don’t know our new opponent’s abilities!


「Foolish mortal! I challenge all of you for a duel! Take out your disks!」


A flat metal boards with a deck of cards appeared on our left hands.

We have to play it safe and see his decks first.


「Hey, you, Mai! You can go first!」

「Really? how kind of you mortal… Then I shall take up your offer!! I activate [Brilliant Fusion] and sacrifice [Garnett] and a light monster from my deck! I fusion summon [Gem-Knight Seraphinite] in defense position!!」

Then a faceless humanoid monster appeared on her field.


「It can’t be, using her only extra deck zone on her first turn!」

「Ugh… I don’t have the handtraps to counter that!」

Popurus-san started to panic. None of us drew any [Ash Blossom] to counter her fusion summon.


「Extra deck zone? I don’t need those things!! I normal summon [Bountiful Artemis]  and [Angel Sage Minerva] in attack position!! 」

Right after she declared it, 2 machine looking angels appeared on her side of field.

「But why!? She can’t XYZ summon without Link Monster opening up her field!?」

「I DON’T NEED SUCH A WEAK SUMMONING METHOD! I activate 2 [Pot of Greed] from my hand!!」

「NO!! It can’t be!? That card is forbidden!」

Popurus-san screamed even more, while Julia-san barely knows how everything works.

「Popurus-san! What does [Pot of Greed] do!?」

「That cards lets you… I don’t KNOW!! Nobody knows what it does!!!」

No.. it just let you draw 2 cards…


「Then, I set [Guiding Ariadne] into my pendulum zone!!」

「No, even pendulum…」

This woman is too dangerous!! We have to kill her here!


「Foolish mortals! Challenging me is a mistake! I still have 3 cards in my hands. I set 2 cards face down and activate [Card of Demise] and draw another 3 cards!!!」

Her hands.. She kept drawing and drawing. How much consistency boosting does her deck have!?


「Don’t worry, my turn is finishing up soon! I activate [The Sanctuary in the Sky]  and set the remaining 2 cards on my field. I end my turn. Your move, cowface!!」

This is bad!

She ended her first turn with 3 monsters and 5 cards on backrow! Even with 3 of us, there’s no way we can kill her…

Then Julia says with a serious expression

「Jaa… my turn. DRAW!!」


…….to be continued