Isekai GM 32. The Battle of Great Plains ーConclusionー

Isekai GM 32. The Battle of Great Plains ーConclusionー

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ED: Karuma

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He’s to fast, even with my skill I could barely follow him!! Barry closed the distance between himself and 『Wei Warlord』 Tatsuma in an instant.
He condensed red power into his right claw-like hand and swung it down.


Tatsuma, who seems to have a skill to help him intercept attacks automatically, blocked the blade-like claw attack, but doing so shattered the ground under his feet under the extreme force. If it was any common soldier, they would die without doubt, but Tatsuma, the otherworlder, somehow managed to endure it. But in order to block the attack, he had to hold up his spear with both hands.


Barry then used his other arm to cut down Tatsuma. If I don’t move, he’ll be instantly killed!
Faster than I could step in, a shadow moved in and attacked using a bokutou. The one who helped him was Hayato.