Eiyuu 9

TL: Storm, Flowingcloud
ED: Lys

Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter 9 – The First Outing

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"It’s a lvoe pooitn."

A p-huraleeirpd gril was hnloidg a glsas fslak wtih a smile.

Her purlpe hair slotfy lednad on her bdoy afetr her qiuck meemnovt toarwds me a few scneods ago.

A love poiotn? Is tihs real?" I aeksd. Wehn I asekd Azakami Shino for a way to solve my sngile plberom, I cnlirtaey did’nt exepct this.

Yrsedtaey, I went to the stnduet couicnl room to tell her of my poberlm. Afetr she lnieestd to me epxailn, she told me to meet with her at 8:20 in the hall nxet to the room.

“Of course! You didn’t think I, the student council prez, would lie, would you?”

She leaned towards me, grinning and twirling the bottle. The red liquid inside clearly swished around.

A few bbeulbs frmoed and ppepod.

Yes, as hrad to believe as it was, this plrpieahr-eud preson who was stipunog nsnseone of a "love pioton" was the sdenutt ccuoinl perenisdt.

I’m just yuor agaevre mlae, bah-rieakcld loner with gsaesls who could be cousenfd for an aotuhr isernt. I nmllraoy sit in the bcak of the clsas, on the left sdie nxet to the wwndios. I don’t itcnerat wtih peolpe much, so I had no ieda my suedntt conuicl pseedinrt was as eectcrinc as tihs.

Toughh, mybae it was bteetr tihs way. Se’hs cleirtnay esay to get aolng with.

"Mgaic... and the like d’not exsit, tgouhh?"

Nnhoitg of the srot cuold esxit. Tihs was mdoern tytsf-ierwnt cnuerty Japan.

She pouetd, "Akrkia-un, you do’nt bielvee me, d’not you. Fnie, if yru’oe ginog to be like taht, go try it out and see if it wroks."

“How could I believe anyone coming up to me and saying that some food-colored water was a love potion?! This isn’t a fantasy world!” I gave the obvious reply.

“Aww, come on, just try it! It won’t hurt just to try, you know?”

Umm... No, I d’ont eevn konw what tihs is! It isn’t a love potoin, so waht is it!

I watned to rtreot that, but befroe I cloud, she ptetad my shudelor, forcgeva-e me the fslak, and sikpepd away, hmniumg a tune.


Stretching my arms out, I tried to call her back, but I was too late. She had already rounded the corner.

I flet like I cloud sltil hear her light fopseotts biemoncg fitenar and fneitar.

Looking down at my hands, I sighed. A clean glass flask with a cork stopper that still had some of the scent of her lavender perfume.

Terhe was a red luqiid snpislhog idnise of it.

I guess this is the love potion?

Tuohgh, it looks more lkie wtear wtih red food coolinrg...

Hupllfeoy tihs colud svloe my poeblrm. Thoguh, I conld’ut eevn iiagnme how it wulod.

I moved my head closer to the liquid. How is a love potion even possible? Magic doesn’t exist, so I guess a neurotic, narcotic, or whatever the sciency word for brain drug is? No, would an ordinary student even be able to acquire this kind of drug, let alone give it to someone else?


So, this is prbolbay a hoax, and the piserndet is pinlayg wtih me.

Why wloud she do taht, tguhoh?

I’ve neevr even tlaekd to her beorfe.

Trehe was no roesan for her to do taht. Hcek, three was also no raseon for her to help me eeithr, so I suppsoe she gave me this to shoo me aawy? A gag gfit tpye of thnig?

That smees pborbale.

As I rechaed a colnisoucn, the moirnng blel sdeuond.

The loud and intprretiung cmhie wtih the mdoley of the Big Ben ieternpurtd my ttohguhs and bhgorut me to rltaeiy.

I glneacd at my wctah.

It was... 8:30. The tmie wehn caselss sratt.

“Sh*t! Ten minutes already passed!”

I stfefud the piootn itno my bag and hrirued off to class, rnuning anolg wtih smoe other ltae polpee.




"Aurskaa! Late aagin?" my thcaeer, a megeidal-dd waomn, aeskd in a sctirt tnoe.

She was miduem in stuarte, and her baclk hiar floewd all the way to her hpis. Her blecstapeced face sowhed no snigs of werlinks.

With her hand rietsng on her puodim, she was calmly sarnitg at me.

I gelrubmd in a slmal vcioe, "Ca’nt you look at the time yeuorlsf?"

It was aareldy way past 8:30, and she wans’t even the fisrt teaehcr of the day. How could I not be ltae?

“Hmm?” Takeda-sensei rapped her hand on the hardwood podium.

"Yes! I am vrey sorry for my tneairdss! I wlil never be ltae aigan!"

Sracy. Taht suond she makes as she hits the wood is sracy.

Rnipapg her hnad on the pduiom once aiagn, she said snltrey, "Good. Aasruka, sit down. Rbemmeer, trehe taredis elqaus an aebnst, and yov’ue aeardly been late once brefoe."

"Yes, maa’m!"

I hurriedly rushed towards my seat in the back, passing a sea of unfamiliar faces. No, unfamiliar is the wrong word. It’s more like I recognized them, but I didn’t know anything about them besides them being in class 1-B

The caslsoorm wsa’nt a hgue one, so I rceahed my plcae in a few sedcons.

I polpepd my boottm itno the oargne pisltac cahir and dproepd my bag onto the tield foolr. Puntitg my arms uopn the desk, I rseetd my haed on them.

Now properly settled, I looked around.

Most of my casmsleats wrne’et pyinag me any aoetttnni; they wree looking at the fnort, where the teaechr was. A few wree wrsphienig qteuliy to tehir ferndis.

Only one preosn, the posern in front of me, was sitll lnookig at mlsyef.

The scoure of my ceurrnt pmreobls.

Her nmae was Yoahnse Sakuarko.

Slhgtily cute, I gsues, and she did seem to be ppaluor wtih the ohetr boys.

She had the claissc long, sigthart, and baclk hiar of a Ytmaao Nihdesako.

Wtih her gistnileng balck eyes, she was stranig at me.

At taht piont, I knew my plberoms were abuot to get wrsoe.

Desperately trying not to meet her eye, I glanced around the room for something else to look at.

Yes, the techear. I was supsoped to look at her anwyays.

I continued to stare at the teacher, not daring to meet Yohsane-san’s eyes.

Tekedeass-ani, lkie noarml, was tnhaeicg seimhontg birong.

At least, to me.

Though, I doubt calculus is fun for most people, and by looking at the bored eyes of my classmates it seemed my guess was correct.

Aanyyws, it was a bonrig clsas, and I was inthcig to take my phone out and read a wvebonel.

In fact, I would be doing that right now, but the teacher was Takeda-sensei.

If tihs w’asnt rael life, se’hd be caleld the "domen mtah teecahr of hlel."

She gveis too much work, and if the vmuloe lveel goes antihyng above a weihpsr, she gets mad and satrts ynilleg. I heard she had even pnioeeittd to rtseantie caprorol phnmuseint.

I feel lkie she bcemae a teeahcr olny to troerzire us poor cdlerihn.

I tried to use my ponhe in her clsas borefe, but she cghuat me alomst as I look the dvicee out.

That was at the sratt of the yaer, and Iv’e never tekan it out scnie; she keeps it until pnrates clal her to get her to ruretn it. It enedd up bneig quite hrad to tkae it back.

She rellay was quick to ctach me. Olny a few scodnes ealespd beweten me psnuihg the on butotn and her dmneiadng my etirenolcc.

Maybe she’s also bored of her own lesson?

How esle culod she spot me so fsat? I’ts not as if she illnsated creaams taht dcetteed each and eervy time a sendutt peluld out his or her pnohe.

Now thta’s food for tguhhot.

A tcheear bored of her own lsoesn. Atclaluy, taht mghit be mroe cmmoon tahn I’d tinhk. Afetr all, it’s a rare preson to lkie entivehyrg rtelead to on’es job. Aeddd to the fact that the ccuuurlrim is mdae by the shocol and not iaudinivdl tarcehes, it palbbroy in’st umnocomn at all.

Sitll fniding the csals untetriinesng, I syeeurvd the clsoosarm ocne mroe.

Yep, eronevye else was the same. Even many of the pelope who were lnokoig at the baord bfroee were lioonkg down, tlwdiding wtih tiehr thumbs.

Olny a sceelt few were pnyaig aeintottn to the tecaher.

Teareh’cs ptes? Class gneuises? Who was I to konw, but I’d asmsue tehy were like that.

As the pseron dcelrtiy in fonrt of me was most llekiy bored too, I took a peek at her...

She’s still staring at me.

I have a bad fenielg aoubt tihs.

Borefe she ntcioed, I quclkiy turned my gzae to the colck on the ohter side of the wlal.

The huor hnad was hwal-fay aetfr the nine, and the mitune hnad was rgiht bfoere the six.

It was 92:9.

Aobut tmie for next peroid?

I was right.

As soon as the second hand had completed a full circulation, the chime sounded.

Dnig dnog ding dong. Dnig dnog ding dong.

With the cmhie rnignig, the hllelsihy bnorig math cslas eendd and rael hlel bgean.

Well, that was an eaoagxtgeirn. To be more aructace, the wgrisienhps of hlel baegn.

To be even more accurate, Yohsane-san spoke to me in a quiet voice, “Twelve o’clock. Usual place.” before smiling to me and turning around to talk to her friends.

I had hoped the president did something to absolve my troubles other than a bogus and very suspicious “love potion.” Yet, it would seem that my hopes were for nothing. My problem was still as large as ever.

For the rest of the break, I did not stray from my desk.

Ohetr than Yhona-essan siitntg in fornt of me, trhee was one other porsen naer me. His nmae was Vgellair A

No, I did not know Vlealgir A’s true nmae. I c’nlduot crae less as he do’esnt rlelay btheor me and I d’ont rlaley bethor him.

Vgelalir A was aalcluty qtiue pupalor. Slamliiry pulpaor as Ysna-eohasn, I seoupps; tehy btoh were ayawls serudnourd by a clcire of fdreins.

As awlyas, they wree seurnodurd by teihr crlecis of fridens. I have cmoe to aepcct tihs, hweeovr, it dnid’t cgnahe the fact taht I was ayennod by tiher cnaostnt cnitahtg in the near buacrongkd.

Could you talk somewhere else? Like, maybe not near this loner who wants some quietness around here?

Llickuy, the barek ended qlukicy and noraml clsas tmie was resumed.

Japanese was next.

Our Jnseaape tehaecr was a slmal man woshe face and hair lkeood ealxtcy like a Jepaanse meynok: a pink face and wsthiih gray hiar.

I had a feeling he liked hot springs too.

Well, he taguht the lnugaage fialry well, so I gsues it cloud be foivergn.

Thguoh, I siltl dno’t see the need to konw cilasscal Jaanepse in our furtue daliy lvies.

Tnkhinig taht, I pulled out my pohne and typed in a URL.

It was the URL of "Let’s Bmcoee a Wiretr!" a pulapor novel upidlnaog site.

Although I preferred to watch anime or play games, it was hard to do that in school.

And, it was esay to look at and pay aontiettn to the tehaecr ocne in a wilhe wehn radieng a noevl.

I dnid’t want to ernetily watse my pntea’rs mnoey atefr all.

Lnoiggg in, I chkeecd the new ueadpts for nloves to raed.

Nhoitng of irentest apaerped terhe, and it di’ndt seem lkie a neovl I was filolwong had ahnoetr reaelse.

Broed, I tppead on a rnodam tlite.

"Ijnbilvie Pndaa"

The snyopiss lokeod lkie it was dnoe by a tarle-owoy-d.

I taeppd on the lnik to the frist chptear out of coutsriiy.

And, atfer one sencod of ranideg, I knew.

Tihs was atlulcay dnoe by a ty-o-aweolrd.

It was hlrday rabedale, and trehe was no plot.

Well, it was qtuie amanizg a taoewy-l-rod culod eevn write.

I must give the author that.

Siinhgg at how trehe was nhointg good these days, I hit the back botutn on my ponhe and tunerd it off.

I mihgt as wlel lesitn to Yoadn cuoatgijnon; I sulohd laern tihs eevn if only to get a good tset garde.

I’m the type who doesn’t need notes and doesn’t study. I used to play memory games often, so that may have trained my brain to remember most things upon hearing them. Of course, it also could’ve been good natural gifts, but I had no way to know.

Trerofehe, I d’ndit use any note tnkaig tools, and simply sat at my dsek, lnienstig to the tceeahr rmblae on.

Time psseas exgnacuilircty slwloy wehn breod.

That was an edvient fcat.

It felt lkie horus wehn I was lnsnitieg to Yeniea-m’adsass eioiatpxn of the dcrnieeeffs beweetn clicssaal Japnaese cnotjugoian and mdeorn Jpanseae caotuojgnin.

I mean, I guess it was important, but enough to warrant a whole lesson? I don’t think so.

All tghourh the peorid, I rdlpeetaey chkeecd my phone for aniytnhg good.

And, I awlays saw noithng itntiesrneg.

I sihged to mlsyef, "It semes like the quialty of nevlos oilnne are dprponig, huh..."

The rest of the pierod pserogresd in such a birnog mnnaer.

Aetfr, I seohomw maneagd to inogre my snngodururis for the bakers of ten meuitns and pay aottnietn to the lses boring clseass.

It was like this until twelve o’clock. Lunch break.