Isekai GM 33. Post-War Field Hospital

Isekai GM 33. Post-War Field Hospital

TL: MayonaizeShrimp
ED: Karuma

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After the war, I was experiencing a battle harder than the war itself. The reason was simple. The battle of great plains was a large scale battle, the number of casualties and injured people were directly proportionate to the scale of the battle itself. Not only on our side, but on our captured enemies as well. Since I’m one of those precious people who can use healing magic, I can’t help but be chased around here and there to heal as many people as possible.

Especially healing our prisoners of war. Having them die would beat the purpose of capturing them in the first place. For that purpose I crafted thousands of units of High-Potions. It’s all that bastard Barry’s fault, he committed mass-murder inside the city, even injuring regular citizen who shouldn’t have been injured in the first place. Due to that reason, the number of High-Potions we have are insufficient.

The number of dead people in Raafu is uncountable, but there are still some survivors who were crushed by rubble when trying to take refuge inside buildings. However, the number of pe

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