Isekai GM 35. Skill Fusion and The Emergency in the Empire

TL: MayonaizeShrimp
ED: Karuma

Look, guys. I totally didn’t forget that Karuma sent this to me a few days ago, ok?

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I finally had free time after treating people at the field hospital.


So, I was taking a break when I remembered something… well, rather than “remembered”, “popped up” would be a more correct term. I should try using 『Skill Synthesis』. Since I was having trouble with my MP regeneration while healing people here and there, how about fusing MP Recovery (S) and MP Recovery (M) together?


ーーー『Are you sure you want to synthesis MP Recovery (S) + MP Recovery (M) into PedoBear’s Wrath (L)?』ーーー


A message popped up inside my head. I looked into my GM Window and the action was well documented in the log. Of course, I chose 『Yes』.


ーー『Synthesis complete! PedoBear’s Wrath (L) acquired!』 ーー


When I checked the skill column, both skills were replaced with the newly created PedoBear’s Wrath (L). With this, my MP issue was improved a little, as long as I am fighting the cops. Next I tried synthesis HP MP Recovery (S) and (M) together, but apparently, it has a 12-hour cooldown. It seemed that I can’t use this synthesis skill repeatedly one after another. I made a mental note to fuse those skills after the cooldown was up.

While I was mix and matching skills for a few days, the army was reorganizing itself to sacrifice anyone who dares to touch our sweet lolis to RNGesus. For the sake of our gacha draws.

Meanwhile, the prisoners of war were tasked to rebuild Raafu. Like yeah, hiring enemy soldiers to rebuild their hometown, which you just annex, was definitely a solid plan with no risk at all. There was no way that they would secretly sabotage the building or secretly hid the tools and use them as weapons to rebel against you later.


I need to speak with the Prince after this…

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