Seijo 80 part 1

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The dragon was hovering in the sky. And at the huge dragon’s compound eyes, Tatsumi swung his sword with all his might.

While doing so, he channeled mana into the sword and activated “Mana Strike.”

The sword then struck the flying dragon’s huge compound eye as he intended. However, Tatsumi felt that he just struck a hard rock with the sword.

Although the sword definitely hit it, it hardly flinched.

Tatsumi then invoked ‘Instant Transition’ while grimacing at the unexpected hardness. At the same time he disappeared in the air, he reappeared on the wall next to Calcedonia.


Accompanied by the sound of sparks, Tatsumi once again landed on the city walls.

Tatsumi looked up at the dragon, putting strength to his lower body and set himself up.

“…Damn! The compound eye is too hard!”

Tatsumi, who thought that the sky dragon’s compound eye was soft unlike the rest of its body, aimed at the compound eye.

Certainly, the compound eye must be one of the softest part of the dragon. However, it’s still considerably hard and attacking with an unstable pose in midair didn’t do much damage.

It looked exactly like a dragonfly, and its body’s features were also similar.

However, Tatsumi’s opponent was a dragon. A beast with the title of the strongest in the sky. It was not merely a large earthly dragonfly.

“You okay, Tatsumi?”

Bugarank rushed to help Tatsumi. Calcedonia was following right after.

“I’m fine. I think I can go on…”

“Is there a problem?”

Tatsumi nodded and told Bugarank of what he realized earlier.

“…I see. So that’s why it doesn’t use its legs in the air.”

The two of them talked while the dragon watched them from the air.

It began to slowly approach the city.

The two amalgamations of myriads of eyes looked down at the defenders and seemed to be evaluating them.

But then again, it was impossible to tell where the compound eyes were looking at.

The dragon would soon enter the range of the defenders’ attacks.

Calcedonia and the others of the restraining group were preparing to attack whenever Bugarank sent his instructions.

“It doesn’t look like ‘Mana Strike’ is doing anything from the first attack. Though it was only the first attack.”

“There’s nothing else we can do… For now, let’s just continue.”

“I understand.”

And at the same time Bugarank answered, Tatsumi disappeared with just those two words left behind.


Tatsumi teleported to the dragon’s eyes once again.

He had a close view of the dragon’s huge eyes, yet he could not read the countless cells at all.

Turning his eyes away from the dragon’s eyes, Tatsumi searched for another spot to attack. And then, he found the place.

──If going for the entire eye doesn’t work, why not go for the true eye?

Not just compound eyes exist in a dragonfly; the inner eye also exists. And this world’s dragon was the same as the earthly dragonfly.

At the point where the compound eye met the head─basically the inner carthus1 in a human─there was a protuberance that was the inner eye.

The Earthly dragonfly had three inner eyes but it seems this world’s dragon only had two.

At this time, Tatsumi’s body had already started to fall. Having calculated the speed of the fall in advance, Tatsumi slashed at the dragon with the momentum from the descent.

But just before Tatsumi’s sword hit, the dragon moved

A dragonfly’s sky-sidestepping that was unthinkable for a normal creature. The huge dragon slipped sideways right before Tatsumi’s eyes.

With the movement of such a large object in the air, there would naturally be a disturbance in the atmosphere.

The sudden gust swallowed Tatsumi without giving him any time to resist.


He was played around by the whirlwinds, and his field of vision was changing faster than an Irelia getting a pentakill.

Even so, Tatsumi frantically tried to get a grasp of his surroundings. In the rapidly spinning world that he was in, he noticed a large black thing.

Before he realized what it was, Tatsumi’s chest was met with an enormous force. He couldn’t breathe because of the shock.

Luckily, he had the beast-material armor, extra armor under those, and a shield placed preemptively. His ribcage didn’t break, but Tatsumi was easily tossed away by the shock.

He was sent flying without being able to brace himself or resist.

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