Seijo 81 part 1

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Chapter release rate is 1ch/month, but I’m doing a complete re-edit of previous chapters. That includes a novel-style pdf/epub complete with illustrations! I’ll be releasing part two in a few days. (this is Dec’s chapter) Enjoy the cliffhanger! (or wait a few days lol)

Link to another good novel that you can enjoy with faster release rates. Seijo is fairly hard to translate, so I translate this to avoid burnout. Flowingcloud is the main translator for this, so it’s not just the slow me. It’s not as good as this novel, but it’s also fluff.

As the dragon approached the castle walls, it surveyed the small creatures that were flocking below it.
Those small things were frantically attacking it with arrows, flames, ice, and all sorts of things.
These seemed to be the same kind of creatures that injured itself a bit before.
They didn’t look at be all that different from ants in the dragon’s eyes, but it could not just ignore Tatsumi’s group and the other knights.
The small things’ attacks got a peg more violent when the dragon approached. Particularly large arrows started to be fired.
However, it wasn’t difficult for the dragon to dodge them all with its agility.
The four clear wings of the dragon gave birth to furious bursts of wind, knocking some of the lighter projectiles away from their destination.
And if something hit its aim, the common arrow or spell would just bounce off the dragon’s hard exoskeleton.
It nimbly dodged the things shot at it, and it opened its mouth, decorated with fangs, wide.
Deep red flames welled up inside the dragon. It might look like a dragonfly, but it was by all means a dragon, having the ability to spew fire.
The flames flew out to the knights atop the city walls, enveloping them. Just like that, once-proud knights of the kingdom were reduced to mere charcoal.
Some among the knights lost their footing and fell off the wall. The dragon skillfully grabbed the falling knights.
The long leg joints of Earthly dragonflies bear rows of spines. They were so that prey doesn’t escape, and this world’s dragon had the same.1
The tough leg spines easily pierced through the knights’ armor.
Death cries of the knights resounded across the open sky. With spines piercing through the entire body of the knights, they reached the afterworld just like that.
But that might’ve been their good luck. A knight that survived would have to feel the pain of being eaten.


Seeing the knights and hunters being attacked, Tatsumi reflexively tried to teleport there.
He was stopped by Bugarank’s hand on his shoulder.
Wait, Tatsumi! You aren’t fully healed up!”
The damage that Tatsumi took was considerable, though not reaching the bone.
It wouldn’t be any less than that, having taken an attack from the dragon’s huge tail.
Even though it was only one blow, Tatsumi’s shield was completely destroyed. His armor was also falling apart in various places. Another attack of the same magnitude might take his life.
“Just wait a little more! Believe in your friends!”
It was only Bugarank by Tatsumi’s side now.
The others went to assist the places attacked by the dragon.
When they left, Calcedonia constantly, repeatedly looked back to Tatsumi. She knew what she had to do, but she still worried about Tatsumi.
Calcedonia had the ability to stay by Tatsumi’s side and heal him. But, there were other things that she must do.
“…So, do you think that you’ll kill it if you keep attacking like before?”
“The dragon’s exoskeleton is harder than I expected… But if I hit it in the same place enough, it’ll eventually…”
“I see…I get what you’re saying, but the dragon is still a power enemy in the sky. It isn’t called ‘The Ruler of the Sky’ for nothing. Though if the dragon gets knocked to the ground…”
Bugarank murmured while giving Tatsumi treatment.
It was as Bugarank said: being in the sky was a huge advantage in and of itself.
On Earth, the appearance of aircraft marked a new era for warfare, and whichever side had the air superiority usually won.
“…If only we could also fly…and if only we were as fast as the the dragon…”
It was just Bugarank’s quiet, quiet whisper. However, Tatsumi could hear it clearly, being so close.
A light bulb flashed inside Tatsumi’s head after hearing the patriarch’s murmur.


Each time the dragon spat out flames, several knights were cooked and fell out.
To save a comrade or maybe to avenge a fellow defender.
Desperately, the knights and hunters sent arrows flying and magic swirling at the dragon.
Yet, they couldn’t touch the dragon that was literally dancing midair.
It was something impossible for birds, a creature that shares the same sky, to do. Not only was its stunning mobility great, its speed was plenty enough to trifle with the defenders.2
Arrows would hit the dragon every so often, but they caused only mere scratches to its exoskeleton.3
The dragon was currently getting too close to the city walls, so the giant crossbows couldn’t be aimed. That’s why the knights manning the large crossbows took out their handheld ones, but the bolts were deflected by the gales that surrounded the dragon.
Despite Taülorde yelling out his lungs and frantically giving out orders, the situation did not look good. No, more than that. You could say that the morale of the soldiers had already crumbled.
There were already hunters making use of their free status to quickly run away.
Beat-hunters, unlike the soldiers under the crown, were used to treasuring their own life above else. If there was an impossible-to-beat enemy, their first instinct was to escape.
Also, if one saw that a person near them left, their resolve would break. The hunters saw their other hunters leaving, and one by one, they started to leave.
On the other hand, none of the soldiers and knights left. Just by the fact that there were no deserters among the troops proved the quality and discipline of Largofiely’s men.
The dragon whipped its tail against the small creatures on top of the walls─humans.
Being hit by the huge tail, many sustained large injuries, and some even fell off the wall. The dragon welcomed those who fell with an open mouth.
Taülorde did everything he could to raise the collapsed morale, but the sight of comrades-in-arms being eaten by the dragon didn’t exactly help.
Just when he was about to call out his next order after looking at the situation, a strong wind unexpectedly attacked him.
Taülorde reflexively used his arm to shield his face. When he put down his arm, it was in front of him.
At a touching distance, an amalgamation of thousands of eyes was expressionlessly staring at him.
Taülorde took his favorite spear to his hand. But, the dragon let out a scorchingly hot breath before he could attack.
─Even if I’m burnt away here, the last attack will be mine.
Having the resolve to die, Taülorde took a step forward. He twisted his torso to give the maximum power and speed in his thrust.
The attack with all of Taülorde’s power hit the dragon straight in the compound eye. Although the speartip sunk a little into the eye, it was too shallow a wound to be fatal.
Taülorde noticed then. In the previously expressionless eyes, there was a hint of contemptuous laughter.
And then.
And then, burning flames flew out of the dragon’s mouth. Taülorde’s entire body was consumed by the fire.

  1. I don’t specialize in dragonfly biology, so this translation may not be 100% correct. If anyone could confirm or correct this, please do!
  2. Was this like the 20th time I’ve translated this line?
  3. Why are they even bothering at this point?