A Normal Salaryman Reincarnated to Another World, but He Doesn’t Have a Cheat!? The Most Evil Demon Lord Had Already Took Over the World, so the Salaryman Hero Must Become the Strongest ~ The Adventure of Becoming a Master in the Way of Magic and the Way of the Sword with a Knight in a Dungeon ~

Author: me

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I’m a normal salaryman, but I died in a truck accident. I was reincarnated in another world, but I had no cheat. I was just a dull salaryman, so Kami-sama didn’t appear.

After I reincarnated, the situation became even more of a mess! The demon lord, who had already conquered the world threw the weak me into a dungeon. Moreover, in that dungeon, a normal slime can easily kill a normal salaryman. But, I was saved from a slime’s attack.

I became the disciple of a knight, and adventure with her in the dungeon.

Chapter 1: Thrown into the Dungeon

“Where is this?”

Saying that, I looked around.

I was in a cage, and iron bars surrounded me.

Outside of the cage was a demon lord-like person and his retinue.

“Throw him into the dungeon.”

The demon lord-like person said with a loud voice.

The cage started flying. Is this magic?

However, I had no time to think.

The ground’s surface opened, and it swallowed the cage.

And then, my field of view was covered in complete darkness.

A few minutes later, my eyes were accustomed to the dim dungeon, and I could see my surroundings.

Unexpectedly, when I pushed the cage door, it easily opened.

Where is this? Why here? I didn’t know anything, but I remember dying in a truck accident.

Is this an isekai reincarnation like in novels? If so, I should have a cheat. Though I don’t know anything about the cheat.

There was that when the person said to throw me in the dungeon, so this really is a dungeon.

In novels, the protagonist defeats mobs in the dungeon, and becomes the strongest in the world. Then, I should be the same.

But, I was really wrong. I had no cheat, and a normal slime could easily kill me.