About Us

We are a small translations site dedicated to make your day happier!

I’m not sure what else to say here?

Well, I guess I’ll introduce the staff.


Japanese Translator, working on My Pet Is a Holy Maiden and Invijible Panda

I don’t know why I started digging this hole (translating)


Chinese Translator, working on IHYLMT, BAHRO, and WYCRAE

A student suffering under the sheer evil which are exams

ARFTranslations/Hentai Senpai

Japanese Machine Translator, working on The Support Manages the Adventurer Parties!!, I bought a Girl and TTKWQ. We should change the acronym to GCA short for Genius Child Actor.

Patreon if anyone would like to get stuff either a day early or as I translate it

paypal.me/AFRTranslations If you want to support me

A complete lolicon (Lys)

True (Hentai)

I’m just here for the Discord sever’s resident loli

Also caused me to start digging a large hole


Japanese Translator, working on SMAP


Editor, editing I Bought a Girl

Just your average college student passing the time


Editor that can translate but isn’t editing or translating anything…

@LysUltima just put I’m a milk lover. I love milk.


Japanese Translator, working on GOTR

An occasionally neat NEET.


Chinese Translator, working on WYCRAE

Loves isekai stories

Soooo sleepy……


Chinese Translator

Hello people, singaporean here! HUGE fans of anime! Manga! American TV shows! As well as romance novels! Another hobby would be sleeping


Japanese Translator


Mystic Blade Works

Japanese Translator, working on My Pet is a Holy Maiden.

Loves science fiction and fantasy. A mecha otaku.

An occasional NEET with time to spare.


Japanese Translator, My Pet is a Holy Maiden project manager

Hello all. I main Japanese, and study Chinese on the side. I’m currently a university undergraduate student studying Japanese literature.

Dead from school