Battle Over Giving Up the Throne Chapter 9½ – Muscle Day


“So you finally noticed only after Iifu spoke. You seemed to be getting a bit eager there.”
“Of course I was getting eager! Your beautiful muscles made me want to show you my manliness!”

All six other people present exclaimed at the same time.

“What do you mean, what? Father’s body is pure perfection! I just want to slobber all over them, that’s my greatest wish!”

Hearing my words, the four males behind the Emperor slowly started backing off. Ryausha looked at us with sparkling eyes, and the Emperor just grinned.

“Yes, my muscles of steel are unique to this world! Do gaze on them in awe!”
“Yes, yes, please! I will!”

Ryausha’s eyes were practically shining with the intensity of Polaris. However, even if the real Polaris was in front of me, I would not notice. My eyes were held captive by the Emperor’s awesome figure.

“May I touch them?”
“Yes, touch them to your heart’s content!”

I placed my hand on his large chest. I could feel his well-defined muscles, his three-hundred pack, and his dominating pecs. It was heaven.

“No, call me Daddy!”
“Daddy, your body is the epitome of perfection.”

He smiled and patted my head.

“I know.”

I paused for a second, relishing the feeling of his muscles of steel on my palms, before saying,

“I was scared. Not that I was close to death. I was scared that the ideal man was a barbarian, an enemy. Daddy, now that I know that you’re the ideal man, I’m happy.”
“It’s okay. As father and son, we’ll always be together until the day I pass on.”
“Daddy, I don’t want you to pass on. I want to always be near your beautiful triceps.”

I sniffled a bit. Now that I had a taste of bliss, I couldn’t live without it.

“Haha, do you think the perfect man will die so easily? I might even live longer than you. Now, let’s go back to the palace. Come join me in bed.”