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Translated by Seraphic. Special thanks to Shurim of Shurim’s 3AM Translations and Blushy over at Cloudy Translations. Here ya go.

GOTR L25~L27

Oops, it’s 2018. Happy New Year! L25~L27 found here. I was planning a double release, but it looks like I’ll have to have the next chapter out soon[1]~ Chapter translated by Seraphic [1] Definitions of “soon” may vary.

GOTR L23~L24

Chapter moved here. Translated by Seraphic Unedited, so read at your own risk. Seriously, though, I TLed a fairly large chunk of it while half-awake.


Chapter moved here. Translated by Seraphic Edited by LysUltima I provide periodic updates on the translation progress on our Discord server (which you can find here if you can’t see our massive Discord button for some reason). Tbh, my progress reports are not at all helpful, but at least I’ll let you know if I’m […]


Translated by Seraphic Edited by Mashroom Hello all, I’m Ebisu’s new translator and I’ll be picking up GOTR from here on. Page moved here.


Page moved here. This chapter was translated by Paradox and edited by Mashroom and Seraphic.

GOTR L3 Part 2 has been finished!

Chapter moved here.


Chapter moved here.

Syosetu 101

Now that I’m fully getting into translating Can’t Leave This Room Until I Get First Place on Syosetu, I think I should make a basic (really basic) explanation of how Syosetu works. (just the relevant stuff) I’ll be updating as the novel goes on. is the url, and Shousetsuka ni Narou/小説家になろう/Let’s Become a Novelist is […]


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