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IBAG Chapter 41

A new chapter, Yeah! I am actually on schedule for once. I added in brackets who is speaking because someone said they were sometimes having trouble with determining who was speaking. The reason I didn’t do this with my last chapter was because it had been all translated except for about 200 character for about […]

IBAG Chapter 40 Method of searching around

Yo! Sorry about the wait for the new chapter. I should have another chapter up in a day or two and maybe another one a few days after that. Gotten most of my motivation back. Can’t wait for the series to head back in the direction of Ruri-chan and Masachika. Which should happen in about […]

IBAG Chapter 39: Method of receiving letters

Sorry about not keeping up regular releases. I am losing my motivation to tl this novel, if someone wants to pick it up that would be great. I will still translate it, but it will be slow. Again, sorry. IBAG Chapter 39: Method of receiving letters

IBAG Chapter 38: Method of Memorising classes

Sorry for not updating for so long. I had a few issues during that time, but they have been worked out so we should be back to 1 chapter a week.…memorise-classes/

IBAG Chapter 37: Method of First encounters

Still Friday server time so I am safe. Yeah was playing DnD yesterday and lost track of time. Ruri-chan also has her first time in this chapter so enjoy. IBAG chapter 37 Method of first encounters

IBAG Chapter 36

I feel like such an idiot I forgot to put the code in the TOC that automatically puts new chapters in it and I saw the code in other TOCs but it didn’t click until an hour ago when I uploaded the next chapter. I also forgot to put up an announcement post. So it […]

IBAG Chapter 34-35

Happy new years! Sorry about the wait. Lys is being cruel and forcing schedules on us and forcing us to do at least 1 chapter a week, so that’s what I am going to be doing. Chapter 34 Chapter 35  

Chapter 33: Method of Christmas Invitations

Name changed back to Masachika from Masamune. I still reckon we execute Hiroto. Chapter 33

IBAG Chapter 32: Troubles of a problem child second-half

His name is Masachika instead of Masamune seems I translated it wrong. Some stuff with my family happened last week so I wan’t able to translate as much last week, so this got delayed. If you aren’t really interested in Patreon, but still want to help support me so that I can dedicate more of […]