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Seijo 65

Translated by HZ Patreon <-Donate! Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read! Apology chapter for when the site was down a few days ago. Sorry for all the inconvenience that caused.

Seijo 64

Translated by HZ Patreon <-Donate! Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read! Well, our bot text is now automated.

Seijo 63

Here is the chapter linkPatreon link. Sponsor us to see chapters before they get posted! Also, join our Discord! Now that you read that, you should know that Mystic translated this chapter. Okay, this is not the chapter link. I’m not like a certain other translator who looks at IPs, but I just might […]

Seijo 62

チャプターリンク Just remember that links with no label lead to the chapter. Like the above Japanese. It’s a link. Patreon | Discord <–Join us! Translator: HZ Have a nice rest of the day! (by the way, the following is google translated) The New Year Festival celebrating the new year is coming soon and the city […]

Seijo 61

If there’s a link somewhere on the page, assume it’s the chapter link, unless it says otherwise. Links are in blue. If it isn’t in blue, it most definitely isn’t a link. Remember, blue = link. The exact blue is #57c2cd. I think it’s a nice blue. Purple is a good color too, but I […]

Seijo 60

Random chapter link. Real link. Donate on Patreon | Join us on Discord Translator: Mystic   Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!

Seijo 59

Translator: HZ TLC/Proofreader: LysUltima Extra release to celebrate getting a Patreon! Please support us, and you can see all the chapters we have completed before anyone else! Link Oh, the chapter link is right above this line if you didn’t know. I thought about using a google translate for this time’s bot text, but then […]

Seijo 58

Translator: Mystic (Re)Translator/TLC/Editor: Lys Editor: The Blacksmith I’ve changed some of the terms to be more accurate. Sky -> Heaven (system of magic) Reason: It used to go from Light -> Holy -> Sky, but that doesn’t really fit. The previous translator’s rationale was that Tatsumi can use his teleporting, so Sky because that has […]

Seijo 57 p2

We have two new translators \(^^)/ Welcome, HZ and Mystic! Starting from now, this novel will have an update every Sunday, so look forward to it! Translated by: Lys, HZ Edited/TLCed by: Lys Join our discord! Find the chapter part here!

Seijo 57 p1

This chapter is short. Now, you must be wondering why I have decided to split this into parts since it’s a short chapter. Well, I am currently loaded with homework. I procrastinated for the whole quarter, so I’m screwed. There is nobody else besides the main translator cheerleader, who does nothing, so if you have […]