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Seijo 56

Our main translator has delegated himself to a mere cheerleader. This is a problem. Well, anyways, please come join us if you’re N4 or above. I promise this overworked editor won’t instantly quit! Find the chapter here. Translator/Editor: Me Cheerleader (translated a few lines): Doomr Lazy TLC (1 line): Kyureki

Seijo 55

Yes, I know it’s been a while. I blame this on the main translator that decided to go translate R-18 novels on another site. And so, we’re looking for translators that aren’t as lazy as him. N4-level skill is minimum. You can find the chapter here.

Seijo 54 – Party

Main TLer: Doomr (did absolutely nothing) Sub TLer: Lys (me) (did things) Editor: Lys Special thanks to Kyureki! Note that I’m not the previous translator and the term Daihyouzan Range and Early-Moon Months may be different. The previous translator didn’t make a glossary, and I couldn’t find these terms when I checked through the novel… […]

My Pet Is a Holy Maiden Illustrations

First, these pictures aren’t mine… (why would you think otherwise?) If you want to support the author/see the other pictures that I didn’t put here, please actually buy the book!      

Seijo 53 – That System,〈Fish〉

Main TL: Doomr (2-3 lines) Not-Main TL: LysUltima (everything else) A special thanks to Kyureki and Sera! Please go here for the chapter.