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WSK Chapter 166

WSK Chapter 166

WSK Chapter 165

Done, next one is done translated not edited yet though. WSK Chapter 165 I’m really lazy sorry.

WSK 163

Hey, the chapter is finished and edited. Also, would you guys prefer Long ge, Brother Long or Brother Dragon? I would prefer Long ge since it makes the most sense to me. Just tell me what you guys want 🙂 Sable and Jackal are Hei Diao and Hu Lang from the last chapter, I didn’t […]

WSK 162

Hey, another chapter is done! Hopefully, this one came sooner than you guys expected 🙂 I’m almost done with 163 and hopefully, it’ll be out soon. Thanks for a_b for editing this chapter as always. WSK Chapter 162

WSK 161

Hey, sorry for being late. This chapter was done quite a while ago but editing took some time because of bad schedules between me and the editor but now it is done! Hopefully, this won’t happen again 🙂 WSK Chapter 161

WSK Chapter 160

Hey, sorry for the delay. Chapter 160 is now up and hopefully, I won’t be late for 161 🙂 You never know what might happen…(school btw) WSK Chapter 160

WSK Chapter 159

Chapter 159 is out! Edited by the Doom and a_b which means that the grammar and English will be much better 🙂 You can find it at

WSK Chapter 164

Wicked Soldier King Chapter 164 is finally out! After 2 days of long translation and over 6 months of long wait for someone else to pick it up! You can find it at Also please vote in this straw poll on whether I should translate the previous chapters or not since the previous site is […]