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WYCRAE Chapter 12

Sorry I didn’t update this last week, I was busy moving my place. After that I was spending time procrastinating watching anime and doing my project. Hopefully I don’t procrastinate when the term starts. Sigh Signing off, June Chapter published here

WYCRAE Chapter 11

Just left my job this week, so I might be doing some side projects (instead of concentrating on this one hehe), will also start stockpiling so you can have regular updates when I am busy with school. Anyways I always look forward for your comments as they give me the drive to translate, even though […]

WYCRAE Chapter 10

Surprised with the number of footnotes, maybe the writing of the author is getting easier to understand? Anyway here’s your chapter, gambateh for the coming week! \(≧▽≦)/ Signing off, June Chapter published here

WYCRAE Chapter 9

This week I was constantly on the train so I had time to translate on the go. Well, I am tired from going to events haha, Cosfest sg was really fun! Looking at cosplayers makes me wanna cosplay ahhh! (。>ω<)。 Signing off, June Chapter published here

WYCRAE Chapter 8

Welp I was so busy with my job that I forgot about this. I could post the chapter two weeks ago but I was got caught up in anime, novels and games that I had missed and the last few paragraphs were just left untranslated on my screen for weeks 【T__T】 One of the things […]

WYCRAE Chapter 7

Sorry for not updating in such a long time (and thereby entering an unannounced hiatus). Finally concluded my exams and resuming updating. I aim to update once a week along with the other novels (I heard you like me too and Being an Author is a High Risk Job). Signing off, June Chapter published here

WYCRAE Chapter 6 Part 2

Argh, the footnotes are killing me. Well according to the great Ebisu-sama LysUltima from now on I have to update chapters this way, i.e. making a page and a blog post (for RSS feed) for each chapter, so I took the opportunity to edit Fallen’s work to suit mine and renumber the chapters, as Chapter […]

WYCRAE Chapter 6

Was sick last week, so I didn’t have time to update, very sorry about that. I think I will change my schedule to a bi-weekly one, I am just sooo busy(Studying and procrastinating, someone gimme a cure for that), sorry to pour water on your enthusiasm. Here’s your chapter, enjoy your weekend! Chapter moved here. […]

WYCRAE Chapter 5

Sorry I haven’t been updating for such a long time, had been working on a project till the new year and after that I have been slacking off (catching up on dramas and sleep). Will be updating one chapter per week on the weekend (latest by Sunday night) as classes have started and I am […]

WYCRAE Chapter 4 Part 2

Was watching this drama called Agent Princess as I translated this. Apparently there’s a novel too, wonder if anyone’s translating. (* ^ ω ^) Okay then, enjoy your weekend! Chapter moved here. <<< Previous Chapter TOC Next Chapter>>>