WDDS Chapter 1 – Enter The Dragon Mage

He walked into his house, with a beautiful girl at his side, confident that he would surprise them. Inside, he saw both his parents watching a TV show before noticing him and the girl. They smiled at him and as he tried to greet them, darkness shrouded him

He groaned as he woke up, his head still groggy. As he looked at the ceiling, he noticed that he cried in his sleep.

‘That dream… to think I missed them so…’

As it is, he remembered what happened clearly at that time…

‘9 years ago’

He is in a car with his parents as they drove through the city, leaving to meet a family in Uminari City, according to his parents.

“I hope you behave yourself when we meet the Takamachi’s, Ise. I know that you don’t remember Momoko-san, but she is your godmother, okay?”

“Geez, kaa-san, I’m not a kid who likes to show tantrums. I know that we’re going to Uminari to visit an old family friend, so I will behave nicely.” said Issei while pouting.

“*chuckle*… Oh, by the way, Nanoha-san adopted a girl, a year younger than you, so you’ll have someone to play with. What’s her name again?”

“I believe that her name Vivio-chan, dear. Who knows, maybe that girl will become our daughter-in-law?”

“Okaa-san, girls are icky. They like to play with dolls and stuff.”

“Are you sure, then what about Irina-chan?”

“Isn’t Irina a boy?” asked Issei while tilting his head.

At that, both his parents looked at each other while contemplating how to tell him his misunderstanding.

“You know, Irina-chan is a girl, only she is a bit of a tomboy. Do you think Irina-chan is icky?”

“Definitely not, kaa-san. If Vivio-chan is like Irina, then I think I will be friends with her. And tou-san, when will we get there?”

“Another hour or so, young man. Don’t you worry.”

They arrived to Midori-ya within an hour, and at the front of the door, a middle-aged woman with dark orange hair was waiting for them.

“Ah, Satoshi, Akane. Welcome to Midori-ya,” said the lady before looking at Issei.

“And this must be Issei-kun. You might not remember me, but I’m your godmother, Takamachi Momoko.”

“It’s been awhile, Momoko. How is everyone?”

“Everyone is fine, Akane. Unfortunately, Kyouya is on a trip overseas and can’t be here. Oh, where are my manners? Please, come inside,” said Momoko before showing everyone inside.

Inside the cafe, there were five people. A middle-aged man with dark brown hair, a young woman with similar hair with the man, a younger woman with similar hair with Momoko, a blonde haired woman presumably the same age as the younger woman and a blonde girl with heterochromia, which he assumed to be Vivio.

“Ah, Satoshi, Akane. Knew you would arrive at around this time. How long have it been?” said the man while hugging Mr. Hyoudou.

“Too long, Shiro, old friend, too long.”

As they happily talked for a while, Shiro noticed Issei behind Mr. Hyoudou.

“And this must Issei. You didn’t tell me he has become quite a young man! Hello, Issei-kun, you can call me Shiro.”

“P-P-Pleased to meet you, S-S-Shiro oji-san.”

“*chuckle* You don’t need to be so nervous, we won’t bite,” said Shiro before looking at the younger woman while smirking, “but Nanoha might.”

“Mou, tou-san! I’m not that bad,” pouted Nanoha.

“*chuckle* Well it can’t be helped with your nickname being ‘The White Devil’,” said the blonde woman.

“Mou! Not you too, Fate-chan.”

‘They must be best friends,’ thought Issei.

“Fate-mama is right, Nanoha-mama,” said the blonde girl.

“Vivio, not you too.”

‘Wait, did I heard that wrong?’ thought Issei before his father asked.

“W-wait a minute, did I heard that Vivio-chan calling both of you, mama?”

“Hai! Vivio has two mamas: Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama, and I love them both!” said Vivio happily before tilting her head seeing the shocked Hyoudous, “Is something wrong?”

“N-no, nothing’s wrong, it’s just that it is uncommon for two woman adopting a child together, that’s all,” said Mrs. Hyoudou.

With that, they began talking with each other and immediately after that, both Issei and Vivio became friends. Later on, Issei learned that Nanoha’s older sister is called Miyuki.

By the time it’s evening, both Issei’s parents and Vivio’s grandparents were going out to watch a play at a nearby theater.

After a few hours passed…

*ring ring*

“Hello, this is the Takamachi residence,” said Nanoha before she became wide-eyed.

“What?… Yes… yes… alright, we’ll be there in a few minutes,” said Nanoha before hanging up the phone.

“Issei-kun, Vivio-chan, we need to go to the hospital now.”

“What’s wrong, Nanoha-mama?”

“Your grandparents and Issei’s parents were caught in an incident and now they are at the hospital,” said Nanoha calmly, but within her voice there’s worry and concern.

When they left the car, wet drops could be felt on the leather seats.

At the hospital,

“Excuse me, nurse. Can you tell me where’s the room for Mr. and Mrs. Takamachi and Mr. and Mrs. Hyoudou?” asked Nanoha.

“Yes, the Takamachis are at room 205, while the Hyoudous… at the operation theatre.”

“What happened to otou-san and okaa-san?”

“I’m sorry, it seems that they are in a serious condition. They were heavily wounded. As the show ended, one of the audience began shooting like crazy and many people were wounded by him before being subdued by Mr. Takamachi. In the end, Mr. Takamachi was wounded at his left arm while Mrs. Takamachi was shot at her leg. Thankfully, they are only lightly injured,” said the nurse as Issei began to cry.

“You need to be strong for them, Issei-kun. The doctors are doing their best, so please don’t lose hope,” said Nanoha while hugging the crying Issei.

At that, both Issei and the Takamachis were waiting at the operation room throughout the night. Then, a doctor came out, prompting both Nanoha and Issei to wake up and hurried to the doctor.

“Sensei! Sensei, my parents… are they?” asked Issei with hope before despairing when he saw the doctor’s face.

“I’m sorry young man, but they lost too much blood before arriving. There’s nothing I can do. I’m sorry.”

At that, Issei cried while being embraced by Nanoha before he slept from exhaustion.

Two weeks passed, and the Hyoudous were safely buried a week after the incident. Within that time, Issei became more and more withdrawn from everyone, including Vivio. Unable to bear looking at Issei like that, Vivio entered Issei’s room.

“Issei-kun!” said Vivio.

“Yes, Vivio-chan?” responded Issei, lifelessly.

“Not this Issei. I want the old Issei back!”

“But I’m Issei.”

“No, you aren’t. You’re grim and sad!” yelled Vivio before slapping him, “Where is the happy and bright Issei? Do you think your parents want you to be like this? They want you to be happy.”

After being told off like that, he woke up. ‘She’s right. Why am I so stupid? They would probably want me to live my life to the fullest if they were still alive.’

“Thank you, Vivio-chan. Thanks for reminding me,” said Issei while hugging Vivio.

At first she was stunned, but she relaxed after a while.

“Glad to have you back, Issei-kun.”

With that, she left the room. Just after, Nanoha walked in, having seen the whole thing.

“*giggle* Looks like Issei is back to his old self again.”

“H-Hai! I’m sorry for being stupid, Nanoha-san, but now I’m feeling better.”

“I can see that and don’t say that again. We’re just human and we sometimes can be sad after losing our loved ones. It is normal for you to grieve, but I’m not here to talk about that. You see… I have the rights to adopt you,” said Nanoha with a smile.

“Really? I won’t need to go to an orphanage? At the same time I will have a new mother and sister? Thank you! Thank you!” said Issei while weeping in joy.

She expected that he would be happy, but she was a bit surprised with his reaction, seeing that he only known her for only two weeks.

“Hold on, I want to make sure that you won’t regret it, so I would like to ask you a few questions,” she said before looking at Issei at his eyes.

“First, you have to know that you will have no father, but two mothers, that is to say, me and Fate-chan. Do you mind that?”

“At first, I think it will be weird, but I’ll get used to it,” he said with confidence.

“Okay. Before I ask you the second question, I have to tell you something,” she said seriously, “I’m a mage.”

“I want to believe you, Nanoha-san, but it’s hard without proof. Can you show it to me?”

“I thought you’d say that, so I will show you,” she said, touching her necklace.

Raising Heart Exelion! Set Up!

[Stand By! Ready! Set Up!]

After that, pink light emitted from where she stood, and after it faded, Nanoha was in a white, dress-like outfit while holding something like a spear.

‘She’s actually a mahou shoujo!’ thought Issei as he saw proof that magic was real.

“I hope that’s enough proof for you, Issei,” she said, sporting a grin after looking at his reaction.

“You see, there’s a magical military organization called The Time-Space Administration Bureau, and I work and lived at the capital planet called Mid Childa, so you will live with us there. You also have a strong magical potential, so you can enter a magic school and, if you want, join the military. Do you-“

“Nanoha-san, you’re telling me that I will have a family, living on a more technologically advanced world and probably will become a good mage. It’s like becoming a superhero like in those shounen manga. How could I say no?” said Issei with a grin after interrupting Nanoha.

With that Nanoha hugged him with tears of happiness in her eyes.

“I’m so glad. With this, welcome to the Takamachi family, Issei.”

After reminiscing for a bit, he remembered that he was holding something in his left hand. He turned and saw a 15-year old blonde girl, in a cute pink pajamas sleeping peacefully at his side. Then he remembered that both of them were so excited yesterday that they talked and talked until both of them were sleepy. He chuckled before letting go of Vivio’s hand and gently caressed her hair.

‘Because of you, I now have a good family.’

He then sat up and went to wash up his face before noticing that the time is just over 4:30, which cause him to wince, seeing that he’s usually a deep sleeper. After changing his clothes, he went and take a crimson bracelet that has an emerald gem at the middle with a design similar to a lizard eye.

|Morning, Ddraig.|

|[Morning, Aibou. Got plenty of rest today?]|

The bracelet is actually his magic device, though it was not a normal one at that. In fact the device was derived from a powerful Lost Logia.

‘Who knew that he was inside me all these years.’

‘3 years ago’

In 6 years, he learned magic at a prodigious rate, making him one of the best young talents in his year. Unfortunately, he seemed to have a device problem as any device he used either wouldn’t let him use his full potential, overheated before exploding, or both. Even with all this, he managed to pass B class mage exam about a month ago. Now, he was called over by Yagami Hayate, his parents’ best friend, to show himself up to the engineering laboratory.

In front of the laboratory.

“Private First Class Takamachi Issei reporting, ma’am,” said Ise saluting.

“There’s no need to be this formal, Ise-san. Besides, we are not in an official business here.”

“Hai, Hayate-san. Since you called for me here, is it about my device problem?”

“Well, partly. Shari’s got something, but even I have no details about it,” she said while walking into the lab.

Inside when they enter Shari’s office, they saw Shari, Shamal and Nanoha there.

“Good morning Sharia-san. I didn’t expect you two to be here, Shamal-sensei, kaa-san. Did you find something new about my device problem?” asked Issei.

“Yes Ise. Somehow we found out that it’s something to do with a Lost Logia,” Nanoha explained.

“Lost Logia? But I never got near one, let alone having one, so how?”

“Well, this isn’t entirely true. You see, when I examined you few weeks ago, I discovered something. It seems that you have a Lost Logia inside your body. That means you’re a living Lost Logia like Hayate,” Shamal explained.

“What? But how?” asked Issei stupefied.

“Wait, if the Lost Logia blocks devices from fully functional, then maybe it’s a unison type device and needed to be activated first,” Hayate murmured while thinking about it.

“*gasp* You mean…” said Shari before Hayate nodded towards her.

“Yes, Issei probably can activate the device.”

“What do you think, Ise?”

“Well, I think I can try activating it, but even then, I don’t know to do it,” shrugged Issei.

“Maybe by using voice command? Even if it’s an ancient device, it is still a device,” Shari suggested.

“It’s worth a try. But I think it’s better to do it outside, as we don’t know how large the device can be.”

With that said, they left the building together and arrived at a large field just beside the building.

“Okay, I will start now. Unison Out! Huh, didn’t work. Maybe it’s not a unison device. How about this. Lost Logia! Set Up!

At that, there is a flash of red light at his left hand before fading out.

“That was a close one, Ise. Try another one,” Nanoha giving an encouragement.

‘Hmm… what’s next,’ thought Issei before suddenly, the word ‘boosted gear’ appeared in his head.

“Okay, let’s try this one. Boosted Gear! Activation!

At those words, his left hand flashed red light and after fading, a red gauntlet with a green jewel at the center and two golden spikes.

[Good work, Aibou! Only a few of my previous host can activate the Sacred Gear and at the same time, awaken me at his third try] said the gauntlet in Japanese.

“W-what? Who are you, what kind of device and Lost Logia are you?”

[Device? Lost Logia? What are you talking about, Aibou? I am Ddraig, the Welsh Dragon, The Crimson Emperor and the soul who was imprisoned inside this Sacred Gear, Boosted Gear, one of the 13 Longinuses]

“I’m sorry, Ddraig, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

[What? Don’t tell me that you, who learned magic, don’t know about the Longinuses? And then you’re telling me you don’t know anything about the magical community or the supernatural world?]

This shocked the people who were present there, before Nanoha recovered and asked Ddraig.

“Forgive me, but are you telling me that on Earth, there’s a hidden magical community and a supernatural world?”

[And you are?]

“First Lieutenant Takamachi Nanoha, mother of your owner.”

[Of course. There is the stupid biblical faction with their God that imprison me and my rival, the old mythical faction like those stupid Nordic Gods and other supernatural beings like youkai, etc. I can sense strong magical powers within you so don’t tell me that you do not know what every magician on Earth knows!]

“Umm, Ddraig, is it? If you can see from that Boosted Gear, can you look at the sky? As you can see, we aren’t on Earth,” said Hayate.


After that incident, Ddraig explained to everyone present about Earth’s magical and supernatural community. Shari then offered Ddraig and Issei to transform the Boosted Gear into a new type of device that she called ‘sacred device’. She explained that the device would have every abilities the Boosted Gear had and also some new ones, which both of them agreed to do.

With the new discovery, the Non-administrated world #97 quickly became the object of conversation of the highest level. It was decided in a year by TSAB that a group to Earth for a diplomatic mission by next year, but because of an incident, it was delayed till a year later. The Takamachis, Fate and Hayate with Zwei and her knights were selected for this mission. The mission begins at March.

‘1 month ago, March, Kuohichi airspace’

“Kuoh changed so little in the past 9 years,” said Issei after the Takamachi family arrived at Kuoh’s sky with Nanoha looked worryingly at him before he shook his head.

“The only thing that I feel for coming back here is nostalgia. By the way, Nanoha-kaasan, where will we live?”

“It seems TSAB bought your old home for us and the neighbouring house for the Yagami family.”

“Also, Issei, Vivio, both of you will be going to Kuoh Academy for school,” said Fate to both of them.

“Isn’t Kuoh Academy an elite school for girls?”

“It seems that last year it became a co-ed school,” Nanoha answered the confused Issei.

“Do you think I can find new friends on Earth, Nanoha-mama?” asked Vivio.

“Of course you will, Vivio-chan. You’re pretty, nice and strong so of course you will find new friends and I’m sure that every boy in school wants to be your boyfriend,” teased Nanoha.

“Mou, Nanoha-mama! You know that onii-chan will check every boy in school to see if they are worthy of becoming my boyfriend.”

“Hey! I did it to make sure that the one asking you out is no pervert. Oh, and Vivi-chan, make sure you remember not to befriend your new friends like Nanoha-kaasan did,” said Issei seriously.

“Onii-chan, I’m not like Nanoha-mama!” “Mou! I’m not that bad!” shouted Vivio and Nanoha at the same time.

After putting on Ddraig on his left hand, he went out to the kitchen thinking he ought to cook breakfast as he is this early.

‘Hmm… maybe I should make pancakes for breakfast. Let’s see if there’s some ingredients left,’ thought Issei as he rummaged through the fridge to find some milk and eggs.

Several minutes later, he finished making enough pancakes for everyone and started to make some coffee when he heard footsteps coming into the kitchen. It was his other mother, Fate.

“Issei? Good morning. Is my watch broken, or did you wake up early today?”

“Morning, Fate-kaasan. Well, I woke up early from a dream just now so I think I should make some breakfast. There’s pancakes at the table and I’m making some coffee right now. Do you want some?” asked Issei. Fate nodded.

A few minutes later, his second mother and Vivio entered the kitchen. They had an enjoyable breakfast before both Issei and Vivio went to their new school at 6:30.

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