Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter 11 – Raid of Monsters

I went outside the village the other day with Maria and Finia; the feeling outside was different from that in the village where the atmosphere is obstructed.
Not to mention the fact that if there were sweet and sour fruits the children would rush to it.
In the blink of an eye, we finally arrived at the tree and the children scrambled to be the first one to pick the fruits.

“Wait a minute!”
“You can climb too, Nicole? Get up there!”

I was beginning to climb the tree quickly while bouncing up a little bit for the boy who provoked me.
I proceeded quickly to the end of the branch and tried to reach out to the fruits.

So, I noticed a moving shadow at the edge of my sight.
It moved to hide behind the west prairie, close to the village.

“Is that a kobold?”

Kobolds were the weakest monster in this world.
It looked like a biped dog, but its essence was closer to a wild beast.
Nevertheless, because it had the same degree of intelligence as a stupid person, it was quite dangerous.

Can you imagine a dog with human dexterity and a cruel murderous demon’s temperament?
Such monsters formed a herd and were approaching the village.

It was not too dangerous for adults to drive them away. But the problem was that their physique was not much different from that of children.
If it was like normal, we would head back and enter the village, but the vegetables in the fields and in front of the houses were totally destroyed.
So I was right,we were only children – it would be dangerous for us.

“Fuck it’s kobolds! Everyone, let the adults know!”

I could observe it because I had a high viewpoint on the tree, and if not, it would have been a surprise attack.
Because there was a final weapon called Lyel in this village, there would be no major damage. But that was only inside the village.
We now had no ability to drive back the kobolds.

When listening to my words, the children of the village panicked and ran away.
It was doubtful whether it was true or not, but in this village the appearance of monsters was the danger that we faced on a regular basis.
You could not gain anything by telling such a lie.

“Uncle, kobolds are outside the village! Call Lyel!”

Although it was a little off the village, this place was still near.
If the children kept running for a while, they would surely come across the villagers who would often come and go .
I understood the voices of the children who were calling out to those villagers.

But I had not descended from the tree yet. Obviously, the kobolds were trying to not be seen.
If you lost sight of them, it might become troublesome.

“Nicole, let’s run away soon”
“No, no, because I will monitor here, you must flee to the village soon.”
“You cannot do that!”

One girl among the children said that stubbornly and refused to evacuate.
Did it mean that she could not abandon her friends, or did she fear Maria and Lyel, my parents?
In any case, she decided to stay here for me.
To me, to be honest it’s an extra preparedness.


I kept my voice down to a minimum so that I could hear the child – the little girl.
The tree was located outside the village, the closest to the kobolds.
If it were attacked by the kobolds, she would be attacked first since she was waiting under the tree.

“Can you climb this tree?”
“Well, come up. It would be dangerous if you stay down.”

Kobolds had properties of the canine family.
I was not good at putting out nails and could climb trees. It should be safer than underneath.

The girl began to climb the tree with the surprising gesture.
But in response to the voices of the children, the kobolds seemed to have noticed us here as well. They stopped hiding themselves, let out loud a roar and rushed over to us .

“Wait, wait …… I am not good at climbing trees.”
“The enemy will not wait!”

It was clear she would not make it the way she was climbing.
If I didn’t stop the kobolds’ advance, she would soon be dead .

“Continue climbing!”

I said so, jumping over the branches and onto the ground.
The deep undergrowth formed a cushion, and I was not injured from the jump.
I was aiming at becoming a hero. I could not abandon this girl .

With the body I had now, it would be impossible to beat down the kobolds.
However, there was no need to defeat them. If I stalled for time, Lyel and Maria would come.
I was worried since I had no weapon, but I had brought a small knife to chop nuts. You can do anything to fight with this.

The kobolds got here before any villager could come running.
Their mouth dropped open drooling and their tongues were hanging out .
There were three kobolds. Then, there were two more kobolds were behind the three.

The girl on the tree screamed at the closest kobold.
Although the kobolds seemed to have noticed her, they did not have the means to get there.

“In other words, if you are stuck here, you can’t destroy the village anymore.”

I remembered my eyesight before and I lifted the edge of my mouth.
At the same time the first kobold started its attack.
With my current physical strength, I couldn’t catch the kobold from the front, so I ran the knife along its neck while striking the side.
But I couldn’t cut its hard fur because my grip strength was weak.
Still it seemed that it hadn’t come out unscathed; the kobold scowled in pain and howled.

Respond to another one in the gap that frightened.
When I hit the first kobold, I fought it in the direction away from another kobolds, so there was a delay before the others could attack.
Using that gap, I swung the knife again.

Again the attack couldn’t cut through its fur.
I could still stall for time. That was my present purpose.
But there were five opponents. I was only one person. There was a limit to how much I could do, even though I said I could still stall for time.
I was already being surrounded.

I adjusted my positioning against the cherry tree so as to avoid a blind spot.
The kobolds were also attacking and suffering an unexpected pain.

“Gurururu … ….”

One kobold raised a growl to intimidate.
Even this time of compare, I appreciate it. My limbs were already beginning to get tired beyond their limits.
As it was, I won’t last long.

“Although it is impossible, I have to stall for longer.”

Do not miss the one who lowered the position, kicking up the grass of the feet and crushing the sight. A deep grassy pond worked favorably for me.
I would do my best to take on the kobold in the opposite corner during that gap.
Breaking the enemy’s siege would help stall for time time, while waiting for reinforcement.

But my thoughts crumbled away in an instant.
I was too young to be able to defeat the kobolds with my small body.

On the contrary I bounced back and rolled on the ground.
The kobolds were not stupid enough to miss that gap.
The kobolds surrounded and overwhelmed me preventing me from escaping.

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