Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter 2 – A Chance Meeting with the Self-Styled Goddess

This was a mysterious void that I was now in.1 It was bright yet dark at the same time.
I didn’t see “white” or “black.” And the color wasn’t “grey” either. The void was boundless, and I couldn’t tell what was the heavens and what was the earth.
I was an assassin for all my life, so I mastered scouting skills in the days when I adventured with other heroes in my years.
If this was a game, my perception stat would be maxed. Yet, I still couldn’t understand what the f*ck was this void.

“Who’s there!?”

A drawn out “hi” came out of nowhere.
I replied, inquiring whose voice I heard, but there was no reply.

But, the other party appeared right before me, like it was there the entire time.

A loli-sized shadow materialized, pushing the neither “white” nor “black” clouds aside.
I could see her standing in front of me, but I could not sense anything there.
No, there was definitely a female-like thing there, but the face was unrecognizable.
I’m able to see it. I can see her silver hair, crimson eyes, and her bewitching pale skin, those individual features. But, I could not recognize what it was, in whole. It was as if I forgot everything after I looked at it.

“Who the f*ck are you…”
“Me, ya mean? I’m your Goddess, okay.”

A goddess, yet her speech had no sense of propriety.
That voice’s sound was something I lost memories of. I know that it was beautiful and the words she said, yet I don’t have an impression of the voice in my memories. I would not recognize it if I heard it somewhere else.

“You, what have you done? Why can I not remember…?” I questioned the Goddess.
“Ah, yeah? It’s ‘cause of me. Since, you know, I’m the Goddess, yeah? You’d trigger a SAN check if you could see me perfectly, I think?”2
“San…the h*ll?”
“It’s all fine, it’s an inside joke, so don’t worry about it. So yeah basically this stuff is all for your own good.”
“Even this strange space is for my own good?”
“Well duh.”

The existence calling herself goddess was obstructing my recognition.
There was no reason to trust this strange person, yet I fully believed her anyways.

I fell into the abyss of death.
I wouldn’t be surprised if weirder things happened after my passing.

I started, “Am I wrong about the fact that I’ve died?”
“Yeah, basically. You died, and that fact is is unmistakably without exception completely true!”

Maria could heal anyone as long as the person wasn’t “dead.”
But the revival of the deceased was designated as a forbidden art and was banned.
The cycle of souls must always happen, and stopping it is sacrilege.
Maria doesn’t know the art in the first place. Basically, my revival was impossible.

“I see. I’ll be returning to the soul cycle then.”
“Well, I guess you could say that.”

She was happily humming a strange song as she twirled in her strange dance.
But it didn’t change the seriousness of the words that she said.

“What are you doing. You make it sound like reviving is possible.”
“To be honest, revival is impossible. But it’s not like there’s no ways around that. You got some great companions.”

Seeing my face, the picture of a question mark, the Goddess brought her hand to her mouth and laughed a smug laugh.

“No, nevermind. Just that I have one thing to say.”
“Welcome to a new Earth! I offer my deepest congratulations!”
“The h*ll?”

I had no words for the Goddess who was becoming crazier at the minute.
Immediately after that, vertigo suddenly hit me, and my consciousness was plunged into darkness.
I couldn’t tell if I was standing or sitting, but a marbled texture spread over my sight, looking like milk tea before it completely mixed.

“W-What the f*ck?”
“It’s going to begin soon. Loopholes like these are fun, you know?”
“So what the h*ll is this!?”
“You’ll return to your original world. Well, I’ve changed the normal chances for this a bit, though.”
“Ah, since I’m changing stuff, I guess I’ll give you a small bonus, ‘kay?”

The self-styled goddess continued murmuring cryptic things.
My awareness was interrupted with a snap, and I fell into the darkness once more.

  1. The author switches to first-person.
  2. Refers to games. Read as: “Your frankly small brain would explode if you could see me perfectly, I think?” If you don’t understand.

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