Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter 7 – The Beginning…

There is a sharper thing than an adult’s imagination and that is a baby’s hearing.
I listened to the footsteps walking down the corridor and instantly pretended to lie on the bed and to be asleep.
After a while the room door opened and the elf girl looked inside. Perhaps she had finished doing the laundry, so she probably came to check on me.
As grateful as I was, I wanted her to stop checking on me for a while.
But the timing might not have been bad.
It took about thirty minutes to walk, but my feet trembled with pain.

“Huh, sleep well, Nicole.”

The elf girl walked up to me, looked at me and checked if I was asleep.
Of course I was pretending to be, but there was no way for her to know that.
By the way, what was her name, what was it? Although Maria had hired her to look after me, the elf girl did not introduce herself to me.
No, it may be funny to introduce yourself to a baby who does not even understand the language …… Ordinary is it not?
The elf girl gently kissed my cheeks with Funi Funi which gave me a feeling of satisfaction.
Although they were a bit small, my cheeks felt like they belonged to an angel.

As I kept pretending to be asleep, the elf girl looked around her surroundings, and confirmed that no one was there.
There was no one in this mansion now. Even though I knew that, I repeated the same behavior humorously.
And after I was convinced that nobody was there, I gently touched my cheeks, and started stepping out of the room with a clatter of footsteps.

I wondered why she ran away … … If you think about it, one may become disqualified as an employee if one kisses the cheeks of one’s employers’ daughter.
I was a man … …. Because I was mentally a man, I was pretty happy that the elf girl was so loving.
From that day I kept training until I managed to walk on my own.
And there was another thing you had to do if you were a baby at that time.
I decided to do just that today in front of my parents.

“Maria, I came back home”

Lyel said in a slightly sluggish voice, when he came back to the mansion.
Lyel was hired as a knight by the lord who governed this district.
This district was particularly terribly infiltrated by the evil dragon, so the monsters’ breeding was so intense that his assistance was necessary.
With the money he was paid, he got a mansion and raised me.

Maria, stopped her preparing meals in the kitchen, and headed to greet him.
I was observing the situation from the living room.
Then the elf girl picked me up and headed for the entrance. She seemed to have been assisting Maria with the dishes.

“Let’s receive Lyel’s greetings, Nicole-sama.”

The girls’ smile blew me away.
I lost my words without thinking of that smile. No, I could not talk.

“Oh, Nicole came out to meet you, Finia too?
“No! I can’t do much work yet! I’m just bothering Maria.”
“That’s nonsense; she’s a big help.”

Indeed, was this girl named Finia?
The heartwarming atmosphere looked like it was going to go away at this rate, so I decided to make the decision.
I had to do it so it didn’t become all formal.
I focused myself with full intent.

“maa maa”
Then I squeezed out my voice from my throat and called Maria ‘mama’.
Maria seemed amazed at my voice.
It might be quite unusual for her to be so surprised.

“Nicole … just now … did you call me mommy, Mommy?”
“Oh, Lyel! This child is Nicole!”
“Nicole, I am daddy, Papa -”
“Lyel, close, too close!”

The chest of the elf girl called Finia who was beside me was rippling and Lyel was pressing against it.
This bastard was already over thirty. A first-rate old geezer!
Besides, I could not make them misunderstand. I hated him. So –

“Oh, have you heard, Maria, now, Nicole, was that my name?”
“Yes, I’ve heard it firmly! This kid called the name of Finia first”

By the way, did they hear the name of Maria yet? This might have failed.
Let’s rectify this mistake instantly.

“Nicole, how smart you are!”

Maria was delighted as if she was impressed.
To tell the truth, she was always smiling, but she hadn’t expressed her emotions this much before.
It was probably because she was witnessing the growth of her child which was to say, me.

“Here, Nicole. What is papa’s name?”

“Uu, Maria … Nicole isn’t saying my name.”
“Because your name is hard to pronounce, she cannot suddenly just say it.”

It was very unusual for Maria to say so, but she experienced a feeling of superiority emerging.
With the words from Maria, Lyel nodded restlessly.

“Ah, there, Lyel, Nicole will eventually say your name! Really, really!”
“Oh, comforting me, Finia is a good girl.”
“Oh my, are you perhaps thinking about cheating on me?”
“Stop joking! She may be a good kid, but she’s not my type.”
“Fufu, of course I understand.”

Maria encouraged while striking Lyel’s back.
He went to the dining hall and proceeded to have dinner.
Incidentally, that evening meal was a bit … … no, let’s just say that it was pretty amazing.

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