Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter 8 – God’s Blessing

A couple more years passed since I began to speak.
In the meantime there were many things I learned. For example, my appearance.

When I was a baby I didn’t know because I couldn’t even move of my neck, but my hair was blue silver with the texture of a thin silver thread.
Moreover, as seen in the mirror, the color of my skin was white enough to say that it was deathly pale, and the color of both eyes were different, giving me a very distinct and characteristic look.
My right eye is red, and my left eye is blue. Lyel’s blue eyes and Maria’s red eyes were both handed down.

Coupled with its characteristic appearance, it could be said that it’s quite the conspicuous appearance.
While looking at my facial features, they’re very adorable, I could see the promising future ahead of me, although I’m young.

Of course, my body itself is growing.
However, I tried hard to train magic and my body, but the effect was not a very pleasant thing.
Although magic still exists in my body, it is hard to control, it is rampant in the hand of my consciousness, and it can’t operate like you think.
This body seems to be similar to Maria and is somewhat frail as compared to children of the same age.
I was a fierce man who overcame the harsh adventure with Maria. My physical ability was much stronger than the ordinary person. Still, among us who experienced the same adventure, I was weak.
It seemed that if I wanted to resemble Lyel who was as brave as me and even stronger, my mother shouldn’t have been Maria.
Today, I sneaked throughout the day training and gathered in front of the fireplace with my family and enjoyed the party.
I’m going to be three years old soon, and because my walking legs have become pretty solid, I am able to walk freely in my house.
But I sat down on the floor this evening and was struggling to stretch my fingers.
Physical fitness has already been done today, but if you stretch such a small part, your physical fitness will be low.

“Wow ~”

Lyel sitting on the sofa behind me looked at me smiling and stretching my fingers.
Next to the fireplace is Maria, knitting, and Finia, sitting beside her.
I was the little girl sitting on the floor, putting my butt on the floor, aligning my knees and bringing my heel beside my buttocks.
It’d be impossible for most men, but this body had no problems.
Apparently this body has considerable problems in muscular strength and endurance, but seems to have considerable dexterity and flexibility.

I secretly spread my left foot and kick my right foot a little.
With a few centimeters in this, I’m off to the left.

I repeated this several times and was moving to the left for a while.
But Lyel picked me up from behind and put me on his lap.

“Ya, huh no ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー!”
“Don’t hate me, Nicole … Can’t you play with dad once in a while?”
“Muu ~”

I twisted my body and jumped out of Lyel’s lap.
I’m going to pronounce it more clearly, “Stop it, please release me,” but as my vocal cords are still underdeveloped, I will definitely say it babyishly.

I will instantly identify the point of protection as it is.
Maria looked at me jumping off, and Maria opened her hands and was about to pick me up.
But truly, to jump into the brethren of the former companion.
So I jumped to Finia.

Because she is a small and petite, I could jump up to her chest.
Finia hurriedly raised me who jumped suddenly.
She’s an elf, has a thin body but had a thin waist and a fluffy soft chest.
And, the fragrance of a flower drifted slightly around her; it was comfortable.

I followed the source of the smell, it was drifting from a small bag hung around her waist.
Perhaps it is an odor bag made with wild grass.
She is wearing such a rustic scent better than a child of a nobleman with perfume.

I stretched out my hand to her waist, tried to check the inside the bag by taking a sniff.
Apart from that, I was not trying to have any intention. I just wanted to see the origins of this rustic scent.

But, looking at my behavior, Maria was smiling with couscous.

“Nicole is still a girl, she responded to a smell bag”
“It’s not that much rare,”
“Even so, I do not mind what smells good, I did not want to wear skirts, I asked Lyel to tell me the sword, i was like a boy”
“Nicole is pretty, she is like a child of a noble”

Finia emphasizes it while holding me.
Certainly my appearance is similar to Mary, it has a very neat appearance that is neat and clean.
Moreover, because I am considerably smaller and less powerful than the average child , I seem to be as adorable as a child of a nobleman.

But what I am aiming for is the hated Lyel style there.
A figure of the brave who freely uses the sword comparable to the length of the body. A form that I was aiming for and I did not reach.
However, with this body, it seemed impossible to reach that figure even now.

“Yes, finia. Are not you going to make smell bags tomorrow?”
“Everyone, is it?”
“Yeah, the west of the village is becoming a grassy plot? It is getting warmer soon, so the flowers are blooming, ”
“Surely it is almost time …. Is not the village dangerous?”
“There is lyel there,”
“Rather I would like Maria to protect you?”
“I am not good at approaching fight”
“I know”

Maria was not a priest warrior but a pure shogunate.
Its combat ability was the lowest among the six heroes, and even during the refuge, even Beethoven’s Cortia and elven Maxwell did not reach. Needless to say, I still have something that surpasses ordinary people.
Well, now I am far worse.

“Conclusion, right? Well then tomorrow bring lunch .”
“Huh, I understand.”
“Since there is a ceremonial baptism soon, let’s take a break before that”

The ceremony of baptism is a ceremony received by a child three years after the birth, and is also a ceremony to examine the ability of the child.
In this world there are children who are given the ability called blessing, the benefits of that gift give the owner overwhelming effect.

For example, from a mythical grade ability like a foreign air space with a different space that can store objects unlimitedly, elderly immortality as the name suggests, and a heterosexual ability that attracts just by eye-catching, the blessing that Lyel and Maria possess There are things that are useful in battle like arts and high speed chanting, in other words, it seems not to be useful as a talent for Janken.
Of course, those that give you different abilities, but even having skill like fencing, the effect is great.
Just with a gift there are things that an ordinary person reaches in about a decade to reach the heights arriving in a year.

Of course, you can use the sword without gifts. However, depending on the presence or absence, the growth rate obtained by training will differ step by step.
As a ceremony to investigate it, residents of this world will challenge baptism with a very serious look.

By the way, Lyell ‘s gift is combat art and toughness.
This improves the skills of combat and the high endurance.
By doing this, he can continue to fight with inexhaustible physical strength.

Gaduls’ s gift is shield technique and robust.
It can take an enemy’s attack with a shield and also can attack with a shield to repel enemies. And robustness is the ability to endure enemy attacks.
With these two gadulss were able to demonstrate the defensive power which can be said as the life line of the party.

Maria had a miracle of God and fast casting.
This is a talent from sacred magic and the ability to activate it instantaneously.
This allows her to quickly fly sacred magic.
In the battle that fights against less than a second, her magic is a life line aligned with Gadols.

Maxwell’s gift enhances all attribute magic properness and magical power.
It’s the ability to master all kinds of magic and the ability to enhance that magical effect.
Maxwell, who releases the range attack with a mighty magical power, was a key to attack against Gaduls.

Cortina is a high-speed operation with counterargon.
The defeat is the ability to see the strategy of the enemy, to derive the optimal solution of strategy and tactics, the high speed operation is the ability to calculate instantaneously as its name.
With the combination of these two gifts, we instantly handled the information in sight and instructed us the best action.
Because she is such a thing, I understand why I can not help earlier than anyone at the time I died.
And I could not forgive Gadrus who brought such a request, I could not forgive myself who could not bring out the measures to help me more than anything, I left this place.

Compared to them, I was a really gifted .
What I had was a yarn and covert.
An assassination style that acts without being noticed by anyone, stops enemy’s breath by attack with steel thread.
That is why there are many things bad in battle standing right in front of you. It can be said that he was fortunate to be able to draw with the devil.

I do not yet know what happened to that gift, but it seems that the scales are inherited from the point that they have been able to train your body without being found by the fingertips dexterity and the finians.

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