Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter 9 – The First Outing

The next day, we decided to bring a lunch box and go out for a hike to the west meadow.
But only Lyel could not come with us because of his patrol job.
Lyel, whose tears drifted down from the morning and who cried out loud, was extremely hot.

“Nicole, I’m sorry Papa cannot follow.”
“Pretending to be strong.”

Misunderstood my attitude, Maria had the usual smile.
In her eyes, my attitude is that i want to go out and play with my father, and it looks like I’m sulking.
Actually, I am sulking because I cannot train my daily routine.

However come to think of it, it’s true that fatigue has been accumulated by recent training.
It might be good to plan on taking a rest today and relax.

Maria who is a former companion, and of course, Finia is also a pretty girl.
If you do not consider that Maria is a married woman, the current state is a harem flanked with two beautiful women.
Of course, I am also a woman, but that’s a difficult point to say.

“Look, Nicole, this is the flower I used for my sachet.”

Finia brought a small purple flower and brought it to my nose.
Then the fragrance of the flower smelled yesterday came drifting stronger than yesterday.

“When you dry it and pack several flowers in a bag together, it will become a sachet.”

I’m not interested in potpourri too much, so I replied half-heartedly to Finia’s explanation.
However, just by looking at her happy expression, my mood became happy..
Such a happy time also ended soon. It is due to the appearance of a intruder with a shrill voice.

“Ah, Maria-sama! Hello”
“Maria, good morning!”

Several kids came rushing towards Maria from the direction of the village.
Maria is surrounded in a blink of an eye, pulled by hand and it is whirled around.
Finia, too, was a victim of the children.

“Oh, who is this child?”
“Onee-chan’s little sister?”
“Her hair is beautifulll. Her arm is thinnn.”
“Wow, wow!?”

The kids flocked to me this time.
I was swallowed in a blink of an eye, and my hair was dishevelled.
My hair was long enough to reach the middle of my back. For me, I wanted to make my hair shorter, but Maria and Finia strongly opposed it.
I was not going to insist on making a haircut stubbornly and put on a crying face.

The silver-blue colored hair was inherited from Maria, and it is glossy like light.
Moreover, my eyes inherited Maria’s red and Lyel’s blue at the same time, the color is different on the left and right.
It was a sufficient thing to stimulate the children’s unexpected curiosity.

“Her eye colors are differenttt.”
“That’s weirddd.”
“Lettt gooo!”

I am not going to be resistant if I get pulled up to my cheeks at my end.
I brushed off their hands and hide behind Finia and went past them.

“Hey, don’t get naughty, this girl is my daughter Nicole, everyone get along well?”
“Huh, who is Nicole?”
“A friend”
“Let’s play together!”
“Oh, wa―― don’t pull my hand”

I was pulled away from Finia by the outrageous children.
It was mercilessly dragged relentlessly as it was. I cannot make light of the the physical strength of a child. Even though I am also a child.

“There are lavender flowers, you’re making smell bags, aren’t you?”
“Ehh, let’s go raspberry gathering over there! It’ll become our snack.”
“Because the boys are running for food immediately, Nicole will hate that sort of thing.”
“Why are you like this? You guys also like sweet things!”
“That’s that, this is this.”

My opinion no longer matters.
In this way I was forcibly taken over and I dragged around the field.

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