Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter 13 – A Hero’s Presence


The kobolds were confused and hesitated for a moment. A young child was drenched in blood, and let out a bloodcurdling scream.
Fundamentally, kobolds are the lowest type of monster and are not very strong.

But still, they quickly collected their thoughts and spread out preparing for an attack.
As if responding to their movements, I reacted by taking a step back.

Just as the monsters and I were about to make our corresponding moves, a shadow flew in between us.

“The h*ll you think you’re doing to my daughter!”

With the yell came a silver light.
The light grew to an overwhelming size and power, sending one of the kobolds flying. It was pulverized in mid-air, splattering tiny kobold parts through the air.
I looked at the back of my savior. That was the figure of the hero I hoped to be.


He was the father of the current me, Lyel.

“You safe, Nicole?”
“Y-Yeah―behind you!”

As Lyel casually turned his back to us, the kobolds went in to attack.
That’s natural. There is no reason not to attack if someone boldly turns their back away in the middle of a fight to the death.
But that was no problem, as there was such an obvious difference of strength between Lyel and the kobolds.

While ignoring the kobold behind the tip of his shoulder, he gave a sigh of relief when he saw that we were safe ― or rather, alive.
After that, he quickly grabbed the head of the kobold with his spare hand, and threw it against the ground.
The kobold fell on the soft grass that would usually act as a cushion, but was smashed in with unbelievable force.
It received the full force of Lyel’s physical strength, with the soft grass seemingly having no effect.

The kobold had it’s head pulverised and gave out a short tremble, before dying.
At this point, the kobolds finally realised the difference in strength. They exchanged glances and began planning their escape.
However, the the village’s hero(es) would not allow that.

Suddenly the kobolds were surrounded by a wall of light, and their escape was blocked.
I remember seeing this magic.
A holy magic called Holy Jail, one of Maria’s signature moves. It creates a cage with a forcefield made up of holy energy; a type of magic that seals an enemy’s movements.

She doesn’t have as much physical strength as Lyel, so Maria used that magic from a far distance to confine the enemy.
She approached us while showing her usual smile, but this time I felt it had more force than normal.
After seeing me coated in blood, that smile became much more intense.
And loaded with a serious intent to kill.


“Ma, Mama……”
“It’s―I guess it’s not alright. Nicole, wait a second.”

After those few words, she immediately activated a magic, and a faint light enveloped the girl and I.
I saw my wound close up, and finally realised that Maria had used healing magic on me.

“There’s only three kobolds left, right?”
“Okay, then I can leave them to you, dear?”
“Yeah, I’ll handle it. I’ll have to grab the mutt who bit our daughter and discipline them in hell.”

He took his sword with both hands, and gave a single swing.
That alone made the grass field split in two, and exposed the earth below. The strength of Lyel’s swing, was more than enough to drive the lesson home.


The remaining kobold was cowering with it’s tail between it’s legs, and it’s fur was sticking straight up.
Of course, Lyel wouldn’t show mercy seeing a sight like that.
With a cry as fierce as a roar, it was over, a crushing defeat, with just a single slash.

That presence was truly a demon of war.
That heroic fighting style of a true warrior, was something neither my current self, or my former self could imitate.

Seeing that I truly realised, I still have much more training ahead of me if I am to reach that level.
With only my own power, it would be impossible.
In my previous life I excelled in the art of assassination. But that wasn’t what I wanted to become.
Lyel’s heroic presence represented the sort of warrior I wanted to become.

The shortcut was to probably start by studying under him.

While considering that, I was finally able to relax my mind.
After that, my sight started to fade.
Maria should have healed my wounds already. But why―?


“Ah, Nicole. The healing magic I used was a basic kind that can only stop the bleeding. So for now, please rest.”
“If I forcibly repaired the damaged body tissue, bad things could happen to your body. That’s why you need to heal yourself as much as you can with your own strength.

After hearing that, I quickly fell unconscious.


When I woke up, I was in my bedroom.
Lyel was by my side, but Maria wasn’t present.
I couldn’t see the girl either.

“Oh, I see you’ve woken up, Nicole.”
“Maria looks normal but she’s actually a spartan. She should have applied some refresh magic on you.”

Refresh magic is a highly advanced type of healing magic that can heal even lost body parts.
It can even be used to replenish lost blood.

But Maria always uses the minimum amount of healing magic, and tends to recommend the individual heal themselves with their own strength.
The result of using excessive healing magic, is the possibility of small errors occurring between the healed sections and the surrounding tissue, causing strange defects to be left behind.

“But she healed me well. You can’t blame her.”

Maria would never abandon a wounded person.
If the wound can be healed, she will heal it as well as possible.
She decided to hold back on using refresh magic simply because it’s the safest way.
Of course, Lyel knows that too. The reason he was unusually critical of her, was because I, his beloved daughter, was injured.

“Ah, I know that. I’m not really criticizing Mama.”
“Yeah ― I know. Papa. I have something I need to ask you.”

I pleaded with my special move, “upturned eyes” that I’ve fully mastered over these three years.
As expected, it was very effective. Lyel fell instantly.

“What is it!?. Nicole, Papa will listen to anything you ask!”

Lyel replied to his daughter’s first request in a while with a needless amount of enthusiasm.
I braced myself for what I was about to ask, so much that I began to hesitate.
While leaning slightly back, I continued to speak without breaking my sweet demeanor.

“Can you teach me the sword?”

Upon hearing those words, Lyel stood there, wide eyed in shock.

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