Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter 14 – The Result of my Pleading


This is one of the special moves I gained after being reincarnated into this body. I sweetly looked up at Lyel.

“I won’t… listen to that request.”
“Why? Why won’t you listen to me, Papa?”

As I laid on the bed with my body raised, Lyel placed his tough hand on my head.
That toughness is evidence of days of endless training.

“You’re still young, Nicole. You lack stamina, right? And your body’s weak. It’ll be hard to learn to wield a sword like that.”

Lyel was right: this body was feeble and had no stamina and no physical strength.
That was why he hesitated on teaching me the ways of the sword.

Without any consideration, those doubts are valid.
It’s debatable whether this body can even lift a sword. And even if I could lift it, I probably wouldn’t be able to continue swinging it.
So right now, I’m not even qualified to stand at the entrance of swordsmanship.

“So it’s a no, no matter what?”
“Um…. if your body’s not ready, there’s no way for me to teach you the sword. But maybe, when you’re five years old and your arms and legs have grown, you might be able to swing it. So until then, work hard on training your stamina Nicole.”
“Just two more years…… alright!”

I was at the stage where I wanted to learn the sword as soon as possible, but if I broke my body being impatient, it would all be for nothing.
He was right, I should make training my stamina the first priority.

“And afterwards, if you do anything reckless, you’ll get scolded. Maria’s scary when she’s angry.”
“Mama gets angry?”
“Of course. I’m sure lightning will rain down like never before”

Lyel told me while doing his best to frown.
Maria’s anger is known throughout the world. She laughs while glaring at you with spine tingling pressure.
The night Lyel and I went to peek into the women’s bathroom, her anger was indescribable.
By the way that mission failed, due to the defences of Cortina’s iron wall.
That cat eared strategist…… just wait and see.

“Right now she’s checking on Michelle’s condition, she’ll be back soon.”
“The girl you risked your life to protect. It was reckless but I must praise you for protecting her.”

Speaking of which, I still haven’t even introduced myself to her.
So her name’s Michelle?

“Will it leave any scars?”
“Maria wouldn’t do anything that would leave a scar on your body.”
“Michelle, not me.”
“Ah. Yeah she’s alright. That’s why Maria was there.”

That girl’s just a child. It would be a little sad leaving her scarred at that age.
The best situation would be if she can make a complete recovery with Maria’s healing magic.
As I gave a sigh of relief, I heard a light knock on the bedroom door.
Maria peeked her face through a small crack.

“Ah, I see you’re already awake, Nicole.”
“Yeah. Thank you for healing my wounds.”
“Good job on remembering your manners. How are you feeling?”
“I’m alright, it doesn’t hurt, at all.”

I raised both my arms and posed triumphantly.
The arm that had been half torn off moved without any problems. As expected of Maria’s holy magic.

“I see, that’s good. That means I can lecture you without holding back, right?”

She asked me as her smile began to turn into a huge grin. She asked it as a question, but it was more like an order.
I repeatedly nodded my head. There was nothing I could say back.


After a few days, Michelle and I made complete recoveries without any scars.
We were both very happy, and once again we introduced each other and shook hands. Since being in this body, this is the first friend I’ve been able to make.

But that doesn’t mean I could spend much time playing with her after that.
We’re both three years old. Which means we must have our ceremony done.
Of course it’s something all kids in the village must do. It doesn’t require much preparing at all.
But, it’s a big moment as a child, and it’s tradition to get a little dressed up.

“On that note, I think this dress would suit you Nicole.”
“No, Maria. Nicole’s body’s not healthy, she’s still recovering. We shouldn’t give her any heavy clothes. I think this toga-styled garment would look…”
“No, if she raised her hands in that you’d be able to see her chest.”
“She’s just a child, I don’t think anyone would mind?”
“No, I think a shirt and pants…”

And like that, we spent a few days working out my outfit.
I think children tend to get stressed when they can’t play, but my parents wouldn’t stop running wild.
On the other hand, I want to start forging my body as soon as possible but, I’m being restrained here.
After this continued for a few days, we finally came to the day of my ceremony.

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