Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter 16 – Age Five, and the Long-Awaited Sword Training

AN: She’s five years old now.

Two years have passed since the Gift-Finding Ceremony.
In that time, Michelle was taken under Lyel’s wing and had been working hard at endurance training.
Despite having an amazing gift, there were no nobles willing to oppose one of the heroes that saved the world. Needless to say, the days passed peacefully.

And finally, the time came for me to study the sword with Lyel.

Michelle, several village children, and I were holding practice swords in the courtyard of my house.
Thanks to us becoming friends, or maybe because of the friendly rivalry, we were able to achieve good results.
And two years passed. I’m finally five.

“Okay. First you have to hold the sword, and you need to keep holding the sword. A soldier’s duty is not to defeat the enemy, it’s to keep the enemy in check.”

While Lyel was speaking, the kids readied their weapons.
Just when I tried to raise my weapon too―


In my hand was a two-handed sword, like I wanted. However it was child-sized.
The sword’s blade was the same size as a normal one-handed sword, but the handle was enlarged to fit two hands.
It also weighed less, and was lighter than a normal sword…or that’s what I thought.

“Nicole, is it a bit heavy for you?”
“No, not, argh, at, all!”

Despite training my body for years, my strength hasn’t improved that much.
I have more stamina now, so I can’t say that the training was useless, but…my body is more like Maria’s than Lyel’s.

Even so, I won’t complain.
I could never complain in front of my former rival.
Using sheer willpower to move my trembling arms, I slowly raised the sword.

“H-how’s, this!”
“Ohhh, nice, nice. You have willpower.”

I wanted to puff out my chest in pride, but it looked like losing focus would cause me to fall forward.
However, Michelle was holding the same sword, and was able to lift it up easily.


“Okay then, first we’ll start with a basic swing. Try swinging it up and then swinging down. Don’t think too hard about it; just swing.”

The swinging down part is the cornerstone of welding a sword.
Without thinking about where they were swinging, the children brandished the sword, and swung the sword downwards.

It was their first sword―well, first practice sword―and they began happily swinging it around.
Seeing that, I also raised my practice sword……before falling onto my back.


The moment after I fell I hit the back of my head, and rolled around with my head in my hands.
Seeing that, the other children started pointing and laughing. Just wait and see, you damn brats.

“Are you alright, Nicole?”
“Y-Yeah. I’m okay.”

Michelle stopped her swinging, and ran over to me. She’s a good girl. Truly my best friend in this life.
I first stood up to signal that I was safe, then I picked up my sword and readied myself.
Upon seeing that, Michelle returned to her own training, relieved I was okay.

“Nicole, you’re not forcing yourself are you? Your body’s not that strong.”
“I-I said I’m fine!”

My physical growth has been stunted, most likely because I refused to drink Maria’s breast milk when I was an infant.
It still seems to be having an effect on my training.
However, since I’m aiming to become a hero, I cannot give up now. It’s way too early for that.

But having determination doesn’t give me physical strength.
I can manage to lift the sword up, but if I try to hold it behind my head, I’ll fall backwards.
If that’s the case, this time I’ll lean my body weight forward as much as possible.
Upon trying that, the sword’s weight pushed me over..

“Nicole, maybe this lighter sword would be―”

Lyel said with words full of pity, watching me squirming like a frog trying to cross the road.
Don’t pity me. Anyone but you.

“T-This one’s fine……”
“No, I think―”
“This one’s fine!”

I screamed stubbornly and stood up again.
Then I raised the sword, and with all my might, I swung it down.
With that, my arms felt light as a feather.


At the same time I heard a strange shriek. Looking behind Lyel I saw the practice sword sticking upwards in the ground.

“As I thought, Nicole, use a lighter sword.”
“You’ll use a lighter one. Alright?”

Lyel scolded me with a more serious tone than usual, and I reluctantly switched to a shorter practice sword.

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