Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter 17 – Finia’s Past

We finished the two hours of discipline training, and finished for the day.
It may seem short, but considering children’s endurance and ability to concentrate, training for any longer could be dangerous.
Although we use practice swords with dull blades, we are still handling a weapon.
If one lacks concentration or doesn’t take it seriously, an accident could occur.

I finished training, and took a bath to wash off the sweat with Finia.
Although I’ve become quite used to it, having a bath with a beautiful woman is still a little embarrassing.
Until now, I bathed with Maria, but as expected I was rejected when I said I wanted to bathe alone.
Well, I… felt guilty.
As a result I stopped bathing with Maria, but it’s dangerous for a child to bathe alone.
So in the end I started taking my baths with Finia, and began feeling yet more guilty. Well, I guess I’ll get used to this, eventually.

I quickly tied up my hair, covered my towel in soap and started to softly scrub my arms and legs.
After only two hours of swinging a sword, my arms were trembling and were so fatigued that they felt cramped.

“Nicole, maybe it’s too early to start sword training?”
“But Ly…Papa said he’d watch over me when I turned five.”

I argued, while unsuccessfully trying to keep in character.
Learning the sword is one of my ambitions.
To one day become a gallant sword-wielding hero like Lyel―is probably impossible. But this discipline training shouldn’t be going to waste.

“Pardon me Nicole, but aren’t you more suited to magic than swordsmanship? Your gift is suited to magic too.”

It’s true that my talents are different than what I had hoped.
I already know that well enough. That’s why I decided to avoid the conversation.
Actually, there’s several things I would like to ask her. Now’s probably a good chance to do so.

“But instead of giving up, isn’t it better to challenge yourself first before giving up? Anyway, why did you come to us, Finia?”
“You mean, to the estate?

Since I was an infant, she’s always been coming in and out.
Furthermore, she doesn’t seem to be receiving any payment. I can’t see the good-natured Lyel or the true-to-her-name holy woman Maria making someone work for free.

“Hmmm. I guess you could say that I’m owe too much to Maria and Lyel.”
“Owe too much?”

“Yes. I caused the death of their good friend and fellow warrior.”

This is the first time I’ve heard this.
But it makes sense. That fellow warrior was probably me.

Fifteen years ago, Lyel had given up being an adventurer and was working in this village as a palace guard.
At that time Maria was helping out the church as a priest, and teaching children to read and write in the church courtyard was all the work she really did.
Basically, there wouldn’t be anyone other than me that they’d call a “fellow warrior.”

“Well, it was probably over fifteen years ago now……”

As soon as I heard Finia say that, my conviction deepened.
Fifteen years ago. In other words, the time of my death

“The orphanage grew up in was one that recieved aid from the country. But, the priest in charge abused his position, and planned the summoning of the Demon God.

My conviction turned into a bad feeling
There is no doubt that incident was the one where I died. That means that Finia was one of the children connected to that incident.
She looks like she’s in her late teens, but that’s because she’s an elf.
Elves age similarly to humans up to the age of fifteen, but after that they age slowly and stop growing at around twenty.
They stay like that, unchanged, and live for over five hundred years.


“The priest’s plan succeeded, and the Demon God was summoned. We saw it kill our friends, and we panicked, shivered, trembled, unable to even flee.”

No, that’s wrong, was what I was about to say……but Finia saw that I was scared.
The reason the children fell to their knees, was simply because they were shocked by the Demon Lord’s overwhelming power.
The only people able to move calmly in that situation was someone strong enough to be called a hero, me, and my partner Cortina.
However, there is that one girl who immediately started clinging to me right after the fight was over. But she’s an anomaly.


A face overlapped with Finia’s. One of a girl clinging to me, crying while trying to close up her wounds.
The same Finia gently hugged me from behind.

“It was just a coincidence, but at the time, Rayd appeared.”

There’s no doubt that was me in my previous life. As I thought, Finia was the girl from that time.

“He stood before the Demon God all alone, let his partner Cortina escape, and told her to call for help.
“He could have escaped with her, he could have abandoned us, but he faced the Demon God by himself. That presence was worthy of a hero who defeated the evil dragon.”

You could say that was the only option at the time. Her admiration is misguided.
Luckily I was able to defeat him on my own, but even with Cortina by my side, at best our chances of winning were about thirty percent.
And if we lost, all the children there would have been killed.
Not to mention, the Demon God appeared without warning, and even Lyel or Gadols could have been defeated if caught off guard.
That’s why someone needed to stand their ground.


“We had no time to escape, so in order to protect us, Rayd gambled his life and fought. There, he and the Demon Lord struck each other at the same time, and he lost his life.”

I wanted to say that was slightly wrong, but I couldn’t do it.
Not to mention the fact that I was being hugged from behind by a naked girl, as if I could say something like “Actually, I am that very same Rayd. Hehe.”

“If we were able to escape faster, Rayd might have been able to survive. That’s why Rayd’s death was our fault. And that was the death of Lyel’s friend.”
“No, that’s……”
“That is my debt to Lyel. That is why I have the resolve to put my life on the line serving them. But it hasn’t come to that yet.”


Behind me, I felt her stick out her tongue.
She’s inexperienced as a babysitter, but it’s not really her fault that I’m a bit strange for a toddler.
But the reason for her determination is me. Honestly, I feel guilty.

“But, still, even so―it’s wrong that you don’t get paid.”
“You’re a kind one, Nicole. But this is my choice. I can’t get rewarded for my repentance. Maria tries to give me pay for every small thing I do, though……”

Finia grumbled with regret in her voice.
This is wrong. But I absolutely can’t let her know my true identity.
Right now, my face is surely bright red in shame.

“B-But……the other children are living normal lives right?”
“……that’s true, I can’t deny that I’m the only one who feels some sort of deep attachment to Rayd.”
“Maybe, you liked him?”

I asked half jokingly.
My intention was to change the heavy atmosphere. But……

“Maybe……I did.”

Unexpectedly, what I got back was words of agreement.

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