Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter 20 – Future Prospects

Our plans for the future had been settled.
We started studying because, in two years time, we aimed to enroll at the magic academy in the Kingdom of Lalm.
I had the Gift of Enhancement Magic.
It has the ability to temporarily interfere with a weapon and strengthen it’s attack or defense, so it’s a kind of support magic.
It definitely isn’t strong offensively, and the strengthening magic lasts at least a few minutes, or at most a single day. It’s not permanent.
It’s an easy magic to get the hang of; a student can use it after dabbling in magic just a little. That’s enhancement magic.

“That’s what I’m saying. It’s not something to look down on. In a close battle it’s effects can be the difference between life and death, and if it’s mastered to a high level, it can produce extraordinary results. Those are the strong points of enhancement magic.”

Maria puffed out her chest as she stood at the teacher’s podium.
This was a room in my―or rather Lyel’s estate that was being used to teach us magic.
Together with Michelle who was looking to enter the academy as well, we began studying the fundamentals of magic.
She wasn’t going to be enrolling in the magician’s academy, rather the adventurer’s academy, but the chairman of both of them was Maxwell.



“Don’t you think this could be especially helpful for Michelle? Nicole could strengthen Michelle’s bow and then she’ll defeat the enemy, it’s a good combination you two could use.”
“That’s amazing! Let’s do it, Nicole!”

Michelle announced cheerfully, fiercely raising her arms, but that was assuming that I would eventually be able to use magic.
At that point, I could sense mana, but I was unable to reach the stage where I could produce any effects.

“But Mama―”
“Call me teacher, Nicole.”

She poked my forehead, and corrected me on what I should call her.
This was a habit of hers. Going overboard on the physical contact and acting overfamiliar.
She was a backline healer, and as someone who was usually being protected, it was rare for her to take the initiative and lead.

“Teacher, if it’s only possible to raise your base ability, we won’t be able to expect dramatic results, right?”
“Nicole, that’s a good point. But there are many kinds of enhancement magic. One of them is a magic that can enhance an existence itself.”
“Existence itself?”
“Yeah. For example there’s a magic that can enhance, well, monsters and transform them.”

I was truly surprised.
Maxwell had used magic like that before, but I had never actually seen him transform a monster.
But after that, Maria said something more surprising.

“You can only transform living things if you know them very well.”
“Know them very well……”

That was right, you can transform into living things if you know them well. And the existence I knew the best, that was……

“Can I……transform into Rayd?”
“Rayd……? Ahh, you heard that from Finia. My friend from a while back.”
“Er, yeah. I did.”

I let that slip, a mistake, but the possibility existed.
I had reincarnated into a woman’s body, but there remained the chance to change back to a man.

“I want to use that transformation magic too!”
“It’s really difficult. It’s the peak of enhancement magic.”
“But I’ll do it! How long does it stay in effect?”
“I see, since the transformation puts a lot of pressure on the body, the effects seem to last quite long. Probably around a day?”

A day! That means once I became Rayd again, I wouldn’t have to transform until the next day.
Essentially, it would be similar to returning to my former body.

“Okay girls. The chat ends there. First, let’s start practicing how to sense the magic within our bodies.”

She clapped her hands and returned to teaching us basic magic theory.
But I couldn’t contain my excitement. I wouldn’t have been able to swing the sword in this body. But if I used this situation to learn Lyel’s sword skills, and used them in my former body……
I could maybe reach the heights I was aiming for.

I could already sense mana. For that reason, I put on an act, and made it seem I had succeeded in sensing mana just now.
Maria opened her eyes wide, seeing my quick success, but after I explained that I’ve felt something like this before, Maria looked satisfied and moved onto the next step.
Michelle wasn’t yet able to sense magic, so for the time being I progressed to the next stage in magic class without Michelle.

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