Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter 21 – Enhancement Magic’s Worth

Yesterday, Maria went into the courtyard of our estate and ordered Michelle to fire an arrow at a wooden plank they were using as a target.
Michelle followed Maria’s instructions, confused.

She had a small hunting bow suitable for her young age, and she furrowed her brows in concentration as she loaded the arrow, pulled tight, and…fired.

“Hmm, it’s pretty impressive being able to hit a target this far away at your age.”

After Maria patted Michelle’s head, she took us to check the target.
The arrow had pierced the bottom left of the plank, and the arrowhead was stuck halfway in.
It wasn’t enough force to hunt animals.

“Ooh, it didn’t go far in.”
“You aren’t strong enough yet, so there’s nothing you can do about that. Instead you should be proud you were able to hit it.”
“Yeah, you’re amazing Michelle.”

The distance Michelle shot through was actually more than ten metres.
Being able to hit a target at this distance was really impressive, especially since this was her first time touching a bow.
Even better that she was able to do it with a primitive child sized bow.

“Okay, let’s go back to where we were. Michelle, can you shoot again?”
“Ah, yes.”

We went back to our starting point, and Michelle fired the arrow again.
However this time, Maria put strengthening magic on it beforehand.
As Maria specialised in supporting, she knew some enhancement magic. Of course, she was far from the level that Maxwell was at.

The arrow curved, just like last time, and hit the bottom left of the target.
But, this time, the left half of the target split into two from the force and flew backwards.

“Oh, wow!?”
“We don’t need to check it this time. Right? Enhancement magic’s amazing, right?”
“When Nicole is able to use magic, you’ll be able to do this kind of thing.”

I rushed over to the target and checked the broken piece.
The arrow was stuck in the middle of the fragment, and I was able to see it’s force.
It was fired by a young girl, yet it pierced deep into the wooden plank.
This was proof that the added strength from enhancement magic was nothing to make light of.


“It’s amazing.”


I had strengthening magic placed on me many times in my previous life.
From the start, our party was made up of the strongest of people.At the time I already had very powerful attacks.
Surprisingly, there wasn’t many times I could truly understand the favor I was receiving.


“Right? If you work hard Nicole, you’ll be able to do it soon too.”
“Ah……it’s gone?”

There, Michelle’s voice cut in.
She stared closely at the hunting bow in hand. She sensed the strengthening magic had worn off.

“The effects of strengthening magic don’t last very long. At most only a few minutes. You need to consider the timing when you’re going to use it.”
“Even at its peak, it can only cut through wood. It won’t be very effective against opponents wearing metal armour..”
“Yeah, looks useful.”

If it can pierce a wooden plank, that means it would easily have the power to pierce human skin.
It would be strong enough to function as a trump card if you were able to use this magic with pinpoint accuracy.
Compared to the transformation magic I had talked about earlier, it was the kind of magic I prefered.

At the end of the day, I couldn’t manage to perform magic.

No matter how hard I tried I was being held back by the memory that I couldn’t perform magic in my previous life, and I felt like this was preventing me from using magic.
I was able to sense magic easily without problems, but there I hit a wall.

And then in that time, Michelle eagerly continued to practise shooting arrows.
Her hit rate was unbelievably high for a child, and she learnt very fast.
Though she was a complete beginner, we need to remember she was a child.
At any rate, if I was able to reach the stage where I could strengthen her bow, she would probably make a very assuring partner.


I finished my training, and took a bath to heal my fatigue.
The bathroom in our estate was built quite large, and was even fitted with a bed used for massages.
I threw myself onto it and received a customary massage from Finia.

Honestly, getting a nude massage from an adult woman is a situation that would have been impossible in my previous life, but I was a girl just like her.
Finia was a servant here, so there was absolutely no need to hold back.

“And like this, another terrible secret that would cause havoc if found out is added to the pile.”
“Eh? You’re really tired? You’re still young Nicole, so you can’t exert yourself too much.”
“No no, I don’t mean that.”

Regardless I couldn’t explain the details.
I tiredly stretched my body on the bed, and Finia massaged my whole body with her slender but supple fingers.
Warm steam covered my exhausted body, and I was being massaged with such smooth fingers. This was some kind heaven.


“But is it really alright?”
“Umm, what is?”
“Going to Lalm. It’s in two years time, but Nicole, you’ll still only be seven years old.”
“But you’ll be there with me, Finia?”
“Won’t you be lonely away from your parents?”
“Well, yeah, I guess.”

For me Lyel was a rival, but it’s not like I hated him. I was grateful to him just as much as Maria.
Even though I had my secrets, I didn’t hate living with them at all.
I would feel a little sad moving away from them, but I guess that was natural.
But in the first place, we were partners following paths. I was already prepared for our parting.
The main problem was if a seven year old would be able to comprehend that. If I didn’t give an excuse for that I’d be suspected.


“But if I don’t go I’ll be taken away from Mama and Papa. And I can come back on the holidays.”
“That’s, right. It’s true if you went to the royal palace, they’d easily keep you away.”
“If you consider how I’d be able to see them the most, isn’t it better I go to Lalm? That why I chose it.”
“……Nicole, I see you can use some hard words at times?”
“N-No I can’t? Maybe it’s because I’ve studied heaps in Mama’s classes.”

I used the excuse of using a recently learned word, and she reluctantly accepted.

“Um, what happened?”

Finia raised her voice as she was massaging my back.
Her fingers repeatedly crawled up and down.
I felt a little ticklish.

“Nicole, I think you’ve put on some muscle?”
“It’s a little sad for me because the soft squishy feeling has decreased.”
“Finia, recently your intentions have been wide open.”

I hadn’t seen any improvement in my swordsmanship or magic, but I was quite happy I’d gained more muscle.
Every day while growing little by little, my infancy slowly passed.

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