Why this?
Because one does not simply write FAQ when questions are actually asked.

Where’s the source of this raw?
It’s on the table of content page, right at the top.

Are you doing other translations?
Not at this moment, but might if it interest me. No, I won’t take jap novels for now cause I’m still learning it.

How do I support the author?
Google the author’s social media like (copy paste author) weibo, contact him etc.
Alternatively, pack your bags and go to china and try to find it amongst the sea of other great works out there. Good luck lol.

Can I advertise my translation here/ put my translation works here/ join inconnue site?
Go ahead, just don’t give malicious links or other spam links or it’s the banhammer. If you want to join me then just shoot me your thoughts in any of the chapters or message my facebook genial sympa. Best yet, join the discord server, I would respond sooner that way.

Edit by a random person: Really? I can advertise? Please read novels at ebisutranslations.com!

Where do you get those images/videos/gifs?
Google, the first few results most likely.
Videos are from youtube.
Basically, it’s not mine, it’s all the stuff I find on internet.