I Bought a Girl – Table of Contents


An ordinary man who had won the lottery wanted to have a cute housemaid.

Then, he discovered the hidden slave market in his country.


Taking the advice of his grandfather, he decided to use the money for others rather than himself.

Buying a 9 year old girl, he took her home.

And thus unfolds the story of their daily lives.

Note: This is a wholesome and heart warming novel not r-18.

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There are 91 chapters

There is a sequel with 89 chapters that I plan to translate after this.

This is gonna be 1 chapter a week or fortnight maybe more. Depends on how busy(Lazy) I am.

The first 28 chapters were not translated by me, they were translated by Shinzou Translations, Chrono Translatiosn and Konkosite.

Character Glossary very minor spoilers if you have not read it. but basically it is just character’s name English and Japanese and what their relationship to the MC or Ruri-Chan is. This was made by Shinzou Translations. I will make my own when new characters are introduced into the story.

Table of Contents:

C1: The method to use your money
C2: The method to live a kind life
C3: The method to see through a person
C4: The method to continue a conversation
C5: The method to live for the first time
C6: The method to choose clothes
C7: The method to work
C8: The method to request
C9: The method to finish a procedure
C10: The method to see a transfer student
C11: The method to think of the future
C12: The method to continue the lessons
C13: The method to chase after a person
C14: The method to make up a good excuse
C15: The method to receive a stew
C (extra C88): The method to prepare yourself a day ago
C16: The method to go back to your parents’ house
C17: The method to eat out joyfully
C18: The method to jump over a wooden horse
C19: The method to do the morning visit
C20: The method to make friends
C21: The method to worry as a parent
C22: The method to accidently meet someone
C23: The method to eat a stew
C24: The method to depend on someone in an urgent situation
C25: The method to handle 2 wives
C26: The method to retaliate against a temptation
C27: The method to do a parent-teacher conference
C28: The method of knowing the meaning of your name

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