Chapter 40 Method of searching around

Kanda Reo’s perspective.



The day after Hasegawa-san’s odd state. To see how things had progressed Hiroto and I went to school together. We both stood in front of the classroom and exchanged looks before entering the classroom.

“Good morning.”



The situation is the same as yesterday. She didn’t respond, I opened my textbook and studied hard. Hiroto was making his displeasure obvious. We grabbed our bags and left the classroom.

“Hasegawa is avoiding us!”


“How are you so calm about this!”

“Surely Hasegawa-san has her reasons.”

“Why do you think so?”

“I know that Hasegawa-san isn’t someone that would do that.”

“Now that you mention it, it feels like she is nervous.”

“Right? There has to be a cause for this.”


“Hiroto you are her neighbour right? Did something happen recently?”

“Hmm… Ah. There was something.”


“A letter, you saw it too.”

“That’s right. The day after she got that letter she started acting weird.”


A letter that she was told to open at home. I bet something was written on that.


“Hino was the one who passed on the letter wasn’t he?”



*Keeng Kong Kang*

I have to get to class because the morning bell has gone.

“For the time being I will ask about it.”

“Please do.”


Hiroto and I entered the classroom.

What was written in that letter?

I wonder if the contents of the letter told her to ignore us, but I am not sure Hasegawa-san would just do that without talking to us first.

With thoughts like that the hour lesson finishes before I know it, Hiroto and I came out of the classroom together.

“How was it?”

“When I approached Hino about it he only said that he didn’t know either.”

“I see…”

“But, from what I understand it is from the girls, the other guys did not even seem to be aware of a letter.”

“Girls huh?… So, Hasegawa-san is being bullied by the girls?”

“Even so, I think we should catch this bastard.”

Hiroto pulled me back when I was starting to get depressed.

He is a good friend.

“Do not underestimate me, I will make sure they won’t be able to come back to school.”

“Is it really okay to go that far?”

“If someone is bullying another person then they are no good, so it is fine for us to do this.”

“… So, you are going to thoroughly disciplining them?”

“Yes, that’s it!”

“Well, it is crucial you don’t make a mistake.”


With that, Hiroto and I commenced our operation.

Hiroto primarily handles gathering information.

While I checked around for anyone who seemed suspicious.

Hiroto gathered up people as he usually does and was listening carefully to what they said. He was being quite casual in his information gathering.

In any case I was observing them.

While I was doing that I spotted Hasegawa-san go off to talk to some girls. Altogether there was three of them. Among them was Sasaki-san.

Hasegawa-san seemed to be a bit distant from the others, when Sasaki-san whispered something to them and they all laughed.

Something’s going on.

Even though Hiroto and I want to talk to Hasegawa-san she is only talking to Sasaki-san.


Lunch Break.

Hiroto and I approach each other to share information.

“How’d you go?”

“From what I have heard from the guys, is that the girls are talking in secret.”

Hiroto says with vigour and a hint of anger.

“It seems that there is a rumour of her being bullied.”

“Perhaps it’s Sasaki-san.”

“Sasaki? Hasegawa-san was laughing and having fun with her only a short while ago.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you think Hasegawa is not talking to us because she is busy talking with other people?”

“Ah, so she is expanding her circle of friends.”

“It will be no good for her if we do not talk about this.”


Are you sharp or stubborn?

We now know who the offender is, all that is left is to track them down.

“We are kind of like heroes.”

“It’s a hero. It is the role of Reo and I to help Hasegawa. ‘Hiro’ of ‘Hiroto’ and ‘O’ of ‘Reo’, Hero.”

“Sorry. For saying something so uncool.”



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