Chapter 41 Method of getting angry with your friends

Hiroto and I thought it was best to settle this quickly, so we decided to speak to Hasegawa-san on the way home from school.

Sasaki-san is on duty, so it is impossible for her to pursue us.

After a while of following Hasegawa-san we decided to talk to her.

“Hasegawa-san” (Reo)

However, Hasegawa-san didn’t respond.

So, Hiroto ran in front of her, spread his hands wide and stopped in her path.

“You should stop ignoring us. It’s annoying.” (Hiroto)

“Hasegawa-san.” (Reo)

Even so She didn’t respond to us.

“We can’t continue being friends if you continue ignore us! If you don’t respond in 10 seconds we are going to break our friendship off! 10! 9!” (Hiroto)

Hiroto started counting down after saying that.

As I though even Hasegawa-san doesn’t want to break off our friendship. She nervously raised her head and…

“5! 4!” (Hiroto)

“So-Sorry!” (Ruri-chan)

It’s finally over, Hasegawa-san has at last spoken with us.

“I don’t want to break off our friendship.” (Ruri-chan)

“Right? Then why have you been ignoring me?” (Hiroto)

“Yeah…” (Ruri-chan)

I walked up beside Hiroto, standing in front of Hasegawa-san.

“But, I don’t want to talk about it here…” (Ruri-chan)

“Is it unpleasant?” (Hiroto)

“Maybe…” (Ruri-chan)

“Then, why don’t we go to my house?” (Hiroto)

“Isn’t it quite far away in the opposite direction?” (Reo)

“ah, why don’t we go to my home instead?” (Ruri-chan)

“Hasegawa’s house! I wanna go! Is it close?” (Hiroto)

“…There…” (Ruri-chan)


In front of us is a white apartment building.

We follow Hasegawa-san as she walks up the stairs and through the corridor to come in front of a door.

She pulled a key from her backpack and opened the door.

“Please come in.” (Ruri-chan)

“Oh~” (Hiroto)

Hiroto is trembling with excitement while taking his shoes off.

My heart is beating faster because it is my first time entering a girl’s room, however…

“Oh oh oh?” (Hiroto)

Hiroto’s ‘Oh’ full of excitement turned into an ‘Oh?’ full of doubt.

Though that’s about right.

It looks nothing like what a girl’s room should, instead it looks like the room of a single guy from a drama who would drown his sorrows in alcohol.

I though there was a mistake for a moment while I was entering the room.

“Please.” (Ruri-chan)

Hasegawa-san indicated for us to sit on a cushion around the table.

Hiroto and I sat down first.

Hasegawa-san then sat down opposite us.

“Well, about ignoring you.” (Ruri-chan)

“Wait a moment.” (Hiroto)

Just as Hasegawa-san was about to explain to us, Hiroto suddenly interrupted her.

“What?” (Ruri-chan)

“Is this really your room?” (Hiroto)

“Eh? Yeah.” (Ruri-chan)

“This room is unusual for a girl.” (Hiroto)

“… Sorry.” (Ruri-chan)

“Hey! Be careful with your words!” (Reo)

“But, I am telling the truth. I though her room would be pink and full of stuffed animals… Instead her room is strange.” (Hiroto)

“I didn’t say anything about her room because the reason for ignoring us is more important.” (Reo)

“Oh! Manly.” (Hiroto)

“Now, Hasegawa-san.” (Reo)

After that sudden interruption, Hasegawa-san took a moment to gather herself before speaking.

“About me ignoring you, Sasaki-san gave me a letter that said, “I will become friends with you if you do not talk with Reo-kun and Hiroto-kun for one week.”” (Ruri-chan)

It was Sasaki-san after all.

“That is why I was ignoring you. I am sorry.” (Ruri-chan)

“Why did you believe such a thing. It’s a lie.” (Hiroto)

“Eh? A lie?” (Ruri-chan)

Hasegawa-san made a pokan face.

Hiroto and I were thinking the same thing and Hiroto said what I had wanted to say.

“They are having fun seeing you ignore us. You should not become friends with such people.” (Hiroto)

“But I have so few friends…” (Ruri-chan)

“Well, do you really think you can be happy by making friends with those people? Baka!” (Hiroto)

In front of the seriously angry Hiroto, Hasegawa-san was quiet.

“Hasegawa-san, you can make friends without doing that, when you became friends with us, we didn’t do that, right?” (Reo)

Hasegawa-san nodded her head in agreement.

“Then stop ignoring us, we will talk to Sasaki-san.” (Hiroto)

“… Sorry.” (Ruri-chan)

“It’s good that you understand.” (Hiroto)

“It’s because we are your friends.” (Reo)

Hiroto and I smile at Hasegawa=san’s relief.

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