IBAG chapter 37 Method of first encounters

Kanda Reo’s perspective.


This school year, I am in 5th grade.

Although there was a class change, Hiroto and Hasegawa-san remained in the same class. Because there are only 3 classes, there was a high chance this was going to happen.

There was a ceremony yesterday while school starts today.

Hiroto was jealous of me getting the best back row seat.

From my view I can see Hiroto in the middle of the second row with Hasegawa-san next to him, I am not interested in the seat next to them at all.

I feel like I am being left behind.

While I am feeling frustrated, Sasaki-san calls out to me.

“Kanda-kun what’s wrong?”

“Hm? Nothing, but?”

“Did something really scary happen?”

Sasaki-san let a laugh slip out.

Does it look like something scary has happened?

“It’s the first time we have been in the same class hasn’t it?”

“Yeah. Best regards.”

“It’s I who should say best regards.”

Sasaki-san let a laugh slip out again.

“You have been laughing since a while ago, have I done something?”

“Be a little more joyful.”


“I am glad to sit next to Kanda-kun.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are popular, same with Takahashi-kun.”

First time I heard this.

I knew that Hiroto was popular, I am also popular?

I don’t get it.

“So, I’m happy to be next to Kanda-kun.”

“Is that so? That nice.”

“Even if you react like that, Kirara is popular.”

“I wasn’t aware at all.”

“Gakkushi…” (TN: Some sort of sound.)

When I saw that, Sasaki-san made a, “Gakkushi.” noise from her mouth.

What a strange person.

“I think there are a lot of people that would like to sit next to Kirara.”

“Hmm. Sorry. I don’t really understand.”

“Ooh… Is that so? Well then, best regards.”

“Yeah, best regards.”

As expected she is strange.

At lunch break, after I finished eating lunch, I headed towards Hasegawa-san and Hiroto’s seats. When Sasaki-san spoke to me.

“Hey, rather noisy fellow.”

“Just a minute Hiroto. That way of speaking is no good.”

“I agree. I don’t think it is nice to call out to someone like that.”

“Hiroto-kun, I think to say that is a bit much.”

“Do you not agree Hasegawa?”

“I think it is because Sasaki-san doesn’t know many people.”

“My seat is next to a girl’s.”

“Just now Kirara called out to you.”

Sasaki-san came near as she heard the rumours we were talking about.

Hiroto’s frank look was cured by an elbow.

“This child is Sasaki-san, and this is Hasegawa-san.”

I looked at both Sasaki-san and Hasegawa-san.

“I’m Hasegawa Ruri. I look forward to being classmates with you.”

“I’m Sasaki Kirara. I also hope to get along with you.”

Hasegawa-san bowed her head, while in contrast Sasaki-san held out her hand while smiling.

Hasegawa-san noticing this grasped her hand.


I thought I heard Hasegawa’s voice, but no one reacted, Hiroto didn’t hear is either, must have been my imagination.

Sasaki-san said, “Well then.” When she released her hand.


Hasegawa-san was staring at my right, I was taken aback by her gaze, so I called out to her.


“You were staring at my hand, what’s wrong?”

“That, um. I think that was my first handshake.”

“First handshake!”

“Y, yes.”

“Then can I have a go?”

“Unfair! I wanted to do a handshake.”

I held out my right hand, while Hiroto held out his left hand.

Then Hasegawa held both our hands.

“Hehe. Let’s get along!”

“I would also like to get along with you.”

“Okay. Let’s all get along.”

Three people were holding hands while smiling.


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