IBAG Chapter 38 Method of Memorising classes

“Umm. Itou, Takeda and Takatsu…”

“What do you want to say?”

When they heard someone murmur at them in the staffroom, Takatsu-sensei called back out to them.

“Since I am in charge of teaching this year, I am planning to memorise the names of my students as fast as possible, but this is quite considerable…”

“Memorising students faces usually comes before memorising their names, isn’t that right?”

“That is so. I am not very good at memorising peoples’ faces and names, so I am looking for another way.”

“I am very good at memorising.”

“Is there any trick?”

Takatsu-sensei sat on the next open stool next to him.

“How to memorise? I remember my students’ names through talking to them.”

“I can remember students who often talk, however students that don’t talk often are hard to remember.”

“But, you can’t leave their names unknown.”

“Takeda-sensei is too diligent.”

“Is that so?”

“However, I do like that.”


“Huh? Ah? No, nothing! Please don’t mind it! Please Forget about it!”

When she said that she stood up and ran away. When she got up the stool she was on rolled away and crashed into Itou-sensei.

… It was such a casual confession.

But, she wanted me to forget it, is it fine for me to pretend I didn’t hear it?

But, but, it is unreasonable to ask me to forget.

But. But, but, if I don’t forget about what Takatsu-sensei said it will it become awkward?

I do not like being awkward in the work place.

I should without fail split my private life from work… I should be able to manage it, however I don’t understand Takatsu-sensei.

Well I guess I will go to class for the moment.


After classes, in the staffroom, Takatsu-sensei swiftly approached.

“Ta-Tadeka-sensei. About a while ago, let’s not worry about it…”

“… I believe that is best. I am good with it, but please don’t avoid or ignore me.”

“Of course! I will treat you like before!”

“That’s good, but please do not mind it.”

“Okay. Thank you very much!”

Feeling relieved she showed a smile, not the usual charming smile, but a completely girlish smile.

Is that the real Takatsu-sensei?

I understand why schoolgirls trust Takatsu-sensei.

To be a teacher popular with boys and girls. I am envious.

I am not very popular, Akiyama-sensei is also not very popular due to him running them ragged in gym class. Though the students in the Karate club trust him, because he takes good care of them. I like that Akiyama-sensei takes good care of his students.


I wonder if my students will trust on me if we get along.


“Ha! Sighing all of a sudden, what’s wrong!? What’s worrying you!? If so do you want advice!?”

I heard a loud voice from behind.

Such a loud voice means Amano. It has to be Amano.

“You surprised me, don’t make such a loud voice in the staffroom.”

“Why a sigh though?”

“I was just thinking that students don’t trust me.”

I don’t think that’s true. You are splendidly popular you know?”


I am a bit happy from the words of Amano.

“During class you carelessly say the contents of the test, you use the same questions in the tests as you put on the blackboard, that’s splendidly deep trust.”

“Not that type of trust”

I am just a convenient teacher, aren’t I?

“Besides I also deeply trust on you, you know?”

“Just the trust from Amano is deep.”

“Kae also trusts you.”

“Nakamura too…”

“Is there something different with our reactions?”

“Because Nakamura is more reliable than Amano, it can’t be helped.”

“Is it not strange?”

Haa. I feel stupid over worrying about it when I talk with Amano.

Alright, let’s be careful about the contents of the test from now on.

I swore to my heart.

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