IBAG Chapter 39: Method of receiving letters

Kanda Reo’s perspective.


Three weeks have passed since I became a fifth grader.

As usual I listen to my lessons.

I noticed when I looked at Hasegawa-san that she was stretching her back during the middle of class. I think she is pretty.

When I was thinking as such, Hino-san who sits behind Hasegawa-san passed something to her.

I wonder what? I can’t see at this range.


“What was passed to you a while ago?”

I asked Hasegawa-san after class.

“Did you get something?”

“Um, it was a letter…”


“I have not read it yet, because he said to read it when I got home.”

“What! You should look at it already!”

“No, because I received it I will diligently read it at home.”


“As expected of Hasegawa-san”


All three of us laughed.

But, the next day.

In the morning, I entered the classroom as usual and greeted Hasegawa-san.

“Good morning.”

I greeted Hasegawa-san as usual, but she did not return it. On the contrary she is laying on her desk.

It was the same when Hiroto greeted her, but Hiroto got angry, though when I said, “It might be that there is something wrong.” He calmed down.

Although I told that to Hiroto I have never seen Hasegawa-san like this.

In the end we didn’t exchange morning greetings.


“Hasegawa-san what’s wrong?”

“Why have you been ignoring me? So cruel.”

“Ignore? Even during lunch?”

“Yes, you do not answer whenever I talk to you. I was wondering why.”

“But, Hasegawa-san isn’t you ignoring us strange?”

“Is that so? It was like that before.”

Indeed, it may have been like that in the beginning.

“But, that is because you were finding it hard to speak due to nervousness.”

“Well, it was like that.”

“So, I think that you have been acting strangely today.”



When I said that, Hiroto went deep into thought.

Hiroto has entered his serious mode. I can’t feel his usual playfulness from him.

“Hmm, perhaps she will only be like this today”

That? That’s what he came up with in serious mode?

“What are you thinking about now?”

“I was thinking that Hasegawa was acting awful today.”

“Certainly, I have never seen Hasegawa-san act like that.”

“Don’t you agree? Let’s wait until tomorrow.”


“See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you then.”

Hiroto and I bid farewell at the crossroads.

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