Reincarnated as My Little Sister 1 – The Past and the Present

AN: This is my first time writing, and I have no skill at all.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this…


I, Yuuyami Riku, detest my little sister. I despise her.

Before I continue on, I must say that she’s absolutely not a tsundere, like in anime.

Even so, she yells and uses violence as much as one.

In the beginning, I resisted, but recently, I had to take in everything so she didn’t harm the surroundings.

Our parents both worked and always got home late, so there was rarely someone who could stop her.

That always happening really continued to make me irritated.

And on those days when nobody else was home, there would always be a fight… No, one-sided abuse.


“Make dinner right now! You idiot!”


As you can tell, my sister doesn’t cook.

Instead of doing it herself, she yells at me to do it for her.


It’d be more understandable if it was her rebellious period, but it’s been like this forever.

Maybe she thinks that I’m a servant or something.


I’m the type of person that does better when praised.

If she asked nicely? I’d make her food. I like to think myself as patient, but even the most patient man will get annoyed if yelled at every day.

It’s at the level that I wonder if we’re even related.

Really, if I was my little sister, I wouldn’t give this much stress to my older brother.


“But I’m cooking right now.”


“Hurry up, you incompetent trash.”


This girl gives me a disease.

It was on this day that I got full-on angry at my little sister for the first time.


If it was a normal fight between siblings, they’d forgive and forget before long, no matter how bad it was.

But, my sister isn’t that type of person.


That night, a kitchen knife was stabbed through my sleeping body.

When I woke up from the pain, the sight of a knife piercing through my chest was my last.




A little while ago, I was cursing my little sister to the last of my breath.

Well, I think I forgive her now.


Hey, the big bro is so nice… Yeah, no.


I reincarnated!!


I wish I knew why… even if I think that, it can’t be helped.

I’m pretty sure that I’m now a baby. I know that at least.

I don’t know their faces, but I want to have a good relationship with my siblings and parents.

And give them no stress, of course.


Why haven’t I at least seen my parents faces?

That’s because dying was my last memory.

While I was sleeping, my parents probably moved into a different room.

I wasn’t in the hospital where I was born and instead in my new home.


This room looks familiar somehow.

…The apartment house that I used to live in looked something like this one.

Maybe it’s the same one. It’s so nostalgic.




The door opened.


“Oh, the baby’s awake. Mommy is here~♪”


The person who seemed to be my mother entered the room.


Hm? She’s familiar somehow…


─Wait, this is my mother!!

This mother is the mother from my previous life. Well, my mother is also the mother of my current life.

I only realized it now since she’s a few years younger.


That was something I didn’t think about.

I thought I reincarnated into some other baby.


I withdraw my previous statement: my little sister is completely unforgivable!!


What the heck? I have to repeat the life I had before!?

Honestly, I’ll probably just die in the end again…


F*ck this! F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck. Click.


Huh? Someone else opened the door.


But if this was my past, my father used to work during the weekdays, so only my mother should be home.


“Mom! Is Naru there?”


What? Naru is my sister’s name…

It can’t be that she’s already here!? Where is she!?


At the edge of my vision, there was a little boy…then again, he was a giant compared to me, but…

That doesn’t matter; where is my detested little sister!?


That boy came to the edge of my crib.


“Naru~ It’s your big brother~”


A strange boy. I don’t care about you. I need to get rid of my sister as soon as possible…!?

…Did he just call me “Naru”?

And said he was my big brother…


I stopped looking around for my sister, and stared at the person calling himself my brother.

Huh? This person looks familiar too…


Isn’t this me as a child…………AAAAAAAAAA!!!?

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