Reincarnated as My Little Sister 2 – From Now On

I took some time to sort my thoughts.

This boy called me “Naru.”

He also said that he was my big brother.

Furthermore, he looks like me in my old photographs.

The only logical conclusion was……

I became my little sister…!!!?

Back when I first woke up, I did check to see if I had a stick or a hole, and I confirmed myself to be female.

…This is complicated.

It’s great that I won’t ever have to meet my little sister again, but at the same time, my despairing heart has to deal with the fact that I am her.

Couldn’t I have just been born as a little brother!?

Being the exact person who killed me is way too insane.

My current brother? I don’t have to worry about him. Since he’s the past life’s me, he’ll be a good brother.

Now, what should I do.

Wouldn’t it be bad if I started talking right off the bat?

No, is it even necessary to hide the fact that I reincarnated in the first place…No no, I have to hide it!

If I suddenly told my brother “In my past life, I was you!”

…he’d panic! I don’t want to be that kind of sister!

No, to be your own little sister…my brother’s young mind might even be traumatized!!1

Okay. Let’s not say it.

I didn’t notice since I was concentrated in thought, but my brother looked like he was trying to entertain me by swinging the baby mobiles.

I’ll smile as hard as I can!!


“Wow, she’s smiling! So cute!!”

My brother hugged me with a smile.

God, this kid is cute!! …Ah, he’s the me from my previous life.

Still, I want to…protect this smile…!!

However, me from the past had the same feeling towards my little sister…

It make a complete change because of her violent tendencies.

But, my previous life doesn’t matter anymore!!


Since I’ve got all immediate problems settled, let’s think of the future.

I don’t want to die young!! …Although this is my second life, it’s not less important than my first.

Moreover, I, a person who has morals, feel a little bit guilty towards my family.

Now, what should I do!!2

I know!! (The previous life’s) me will become a little sister who is nice to (the current life’s) me… Huh? All the “me”s are getting confusing.

I will become a good little sister who is nice to her brother.

In other words, I’ll become the ideal little sister!

That feels a little off somehow.

I have all my housework skills maxed, (my little sister made me do all of them) and I can study well.

No, I’m already perfect…that is, I am a little sister!!(?)

Well, my greatness is one thing, but being nice to my older brother comes first.

My past life’s little sister. Your big brother will now become the perfect little sister, so properly study it. Don’t forget to take good notes.

If you do that, then your older brother will forgive you… not!! Absolutely not!!

Next, there’s one more thing that I have to decide on.

I will become well-liked… Huh? There’s still something wrong with that.

From now on, let’s also make my big brother well-liked.

Why would I do something like that?

Fool. It’s obvious.

Just a little while ago, my brother was me.

Making him well-liked and making me well-liked are the same things, aren’t they? Am I wrong? Maybe I’m wrong.

Well, basically it’s that. I wasn’t very popular in my past life, so I want to have this life be different.

It’d be nice if my brother was popular too…something like that.

Ahhh, thinking so much makes me sleepy.

I fell asleep as I thought of the possibilities of the future.

  1. ”Panic” and “trauma” might have a different meaning in Japanese; I’m not entirely sure.
  2. Man this author likes exclamation points

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