Reincarnated as My Little Sister 26 – My Weakness

26 My Weakness

We entered the haunted house, but it wasn’t particularly that dark… it’s dark.
However, somehow, as a result of having four people, it didn’t mean that it was scary.
Ha ha ha, what is this childish trick!

Right when I thought that, a woman with a knife stuck in her head and blood dripping out of her wound walked towards me.

“Sorry! I was pretending to be tough!! You’re super scary, sorry!!”

As expected, dark places are scary!
Also, blades are even more scary!

I was too scared to stay standing, and while I crouched down between my knees, I clung myself onto Konoha’s legs.
Konoha-chan sorry! But, it’s scary here!

“As expected, Naru-chan is no good with them. ….For some reason, a scared Naru-chan is cute.”

“Morita-senpai… it the worst. Ane-sama, are you okay? It’s not scary, it’s not scary you know~.”


“Kouyou you’re a piece of trash. It’d be good if you fell down to hell already.”

“To go that far!?”

“Naru, can you stand? I didn’t think it was to this point. Let’s quickly get out of here.”

Thus, I got Nii-san to carry me, and somehow managed to escape the haunted house.
I’m somewhat full of feelings of guilt for causing everyone trouble.


“…Sorry everyone, for bothering you.”

I decided to apologize about the haunted house incident at first when we were eating at the place we decided while the four of us lining up.
It was unexpected that I was that afraid of haunted houses…
This is the harmful result of not going to amusement parks at all.
If this was the result, I shouldn’t have went in.

“It’s completely fine, Ane-sama. Everyone is afraid of something.”

Konoha-chan is so nice.

“That’s right, Naru. You didn’t bother anyone except for a certain male friend we have with us.”

Even though I bothered my Nii-san to carry me in his arms… is it okay to have such a kind older brother in this world!?

Thinking about it, a certain male friend…huh? Nii-san and Konoha-chan are looking at Kouyou.

“That guy is… me!? No, I’m don’t think I’m an annoyance! On the contrary, I wanted to apologize for choosing a haunted house!”

“No, it’s my fault, not Kouyou-san’s!”

The haunted house tends to be like to be chosen among attractions, so I’m truly sorry for immediately ending it.

“No, sorry. Naru-chan!”

For some reason, because of me, the mood has become weird.
Let’s forcibly end the conversation here.

“I’m fine though! L-Let’s stop talking about this already! This is our prized vacation time after all.”

“Yeah, Naru looks fine. How about going to some vehicle ride next?”

After, we happily left the haunted house’s entrance and talked about what ride we’d go on next while eating lunch.


I wanted a relaxing ride, so we chose the spinning coffee cups.
Wait, is the name coffee cups, right?
Eh? It’s teacups? Meh, who cares.

Well, it’s certainly a relaxing ride.
…If you don’t turn the wheel.

We decided to ride coffee cup divided into two pairs: Konoha-chan and me, and Nii-san and Kouyou.
I don’t think it’ll be cramped even with all of us.

Well, Nii-san said to do it separately, so we decided to ride separately.

“Somehow just by turning, isn’t it interesting how a coffee cup can become a vehicle.”

It’s also been a long time for me, so I’m having tons of fun!”

I wonder if Konoha-chan is part of the turning faction.
I’d be happy if it wouldn’t turn as fast as possible~.

And when the coffee cup started to turn, I got excited like a little kid.

“Wa~! How fun~♪”

“You’re right! Ah, let’s try turning the wheel a bit!”


Somehow, my mood had also gotten excited, and turning had become fun!
Come to think of it, Nii-san and Kouyou are somewhere right?

When I searched, I found a very high-speed rotating coffee cup.

“Riku!! Don’t turn it anymore! These types of nauseating vehicles aren’t my specialty!! I’ll throw up! I’m going to die———!!”

“I know, it’s okay Kouyou. People won’t die just from spinning.”

“That’s not the problem——!!!”


“Are you okay? Morita-san.”

I stroked the back of Kouyou. He seemed like he was about to die.

“Uu, I thought I was going to die… Thanks Naru-chan, I’m probably okay.”

“Come on, Nii-san, you overdid it.”

Well, it’s not like I didn’t understand the feeling of doing it though.

“I did it for the sake of having fun for myself. I have no regrets!”

Are you some sort of criminal!
Please reflect and repent!

After that, alongside Kouyou, who magnificently revived after 15 minutes of break, we decided to go to the next attraction.

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